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15 masterpieces made from junk

Art from Junk

Art from Junk or the recycled art is an art form for changing pieces of trash into something spectacular. The art not only utilizes the wastes but also accentuates your environmental awareness. These pieces of excellent sculpting gives a new look to your Home décor. There are thousands of such beautiful pieces of recycled art. They are made of trashes but are of extreme worth. You can always buy a fresh new item but there is no fun in it. Every recycled art has a unique history with it. These 15 exquisite recycled arts will surely mesmerize you to own one for yourself.

1. Metal dinosaurs:

The metal dino

This piece of art looks like coming out straight from some sci-fi movie set. The designer Andrew Chase uses scrap metals to make this fierce dinosaurs. Being a photographer Andrew always has a taste for good designs. This model definitely highlights his talent. He also made several animals with metal scraps.

2. Binary low table:

The binary low table

This table is made from old computer spare parts. BRC designs used the old scrap motherboards, cables, cabinets to make this elegant table. The low table can be showcased in your drawing room to highlight your technology love. They also made some beautiful furniture like protrusion table and chair with scraps.

3. Derek Gore’s Collage:

Magazine collage

The designer Derek Gore has a knack for creating beautiful artwork. He used old magazine, newspapers, scrap papers and other waste papers to create some beautiful collages. These collages are very exclusively detailed. It has both the human and nature art elements that make it unique. The shiny magazine scraps give it a vibrant look.

4. The spoon chair:

The spoon art

Have you ever thought that one day you can sit on spoons? It is a great chair design that is made entirely of spoons. The metal spoons give the chair its hardiness. However, the comfort of the chair is not guaranteed. The spoons give it a ‘shiny look’ that will surely bring out a new fashion décor statement from your persona.

5. The cassette art:

The cassete art

Erika Iris Simmons, literally brought out the music into art. She used old tape based cassettes to draw the portraits of great music star like Jackson, Beatles. The detailing of the art really needs appreciation. The uses of tapes to highlight the curly Jackson hairs really made it a wonderful masterpiece.

6. The camouflage art:

the clothe collage

Cuban artists, Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz have different styles when it comes to art. They used old clothe scraps to create the masterpieces. The bonsai tree with green clothes scraps looks extremely real. The use of clothes makes it very cheaper but the art form gets a unique vibrant coloring touch. The artists have worked a lot in the details.

7. The driftwood horse:

the wooden horse

Who will believe that Heather Jansch was thrown out of art school? The artist always had a passion to draw horses. However, when she could not realize the dream in paint school, she created the horse with woods. The wooden horse is very detailed. She even detailed the muscles of the horse with wood.

8. The material collage:

The Obama collage

Jane Perkins has a thesis in recycled art form. He started designing beautiful brooches using plastics and old pieces of jewelry. Later, he shifted crafting artwork with these recycled material. He made material collages of political figures. His latest creation of Barack Obama was very well appreciated. The recycled material gives it a shiny and vibrant appearance.

9. The hen and the egg:

the egg  shell hen

This beautiful piece was sculpted with painted eggshells. Kyle Bean of Brighton has a specialization in handicrafts and set designing. He uses variety of materials for sculpting the beautiful art. The current piece has a very fine detailing. It looks like the hen laid the broken egg. The color and details make it a ‘must-have’ piece of art.

10. Ribbon of light:

Ribbon of light

This a glowing piece of art made by Sara Burgando. She used felt scraps and 50 LED bulbs to make the ribbon. Old battery charger of cellphones charges it. The ribbon looks like a piece of jewelry shining bright with blue LEDs. The design is very exquisite and can be worn on neck or as armband. You can also shape it to make beautiful designs of your choice to light up your home décor.

11. Art of circuitry:

The powerhouse

When it comes to designing art using old computer hardware, Steven Rodrig has his own place. The data power transfer design looks like a data powerhouse of sci-fi movies. He used computer cables, motherboards, RAM and data cards to create the base while the powerhouse is made of old bulbs. The design gives a unique techno look to your living room.

12. Marilyn collage:


This is another beautiful collage portraying the beautiful Marilyn Monroe. Tom Dieninger used old magazine scraps, wires, nets and clothing to make this beautiful collage. The artwork is very detailed and mesmerizing. Portraying someone so beautiful with recycled items is indeed appreciable.

13. The tire dragon:

The dragon

Korea has a long history with mythological creatures. Yong Ho Ji created this dragon masterpiece with old tires. The dragon looks very detailed with muscles and curves. The artist painted the standing dragon with metal colors to enhance its fierceness. The small standing model will surely elevate your drawing room’s look.

14. The button collage:

The travis

Buttons do bring out the nice look out of a plain shirt. However, Zac Freeman created the collage masterpiece with buttons only. He made several portraits of buttons with The Travis being the best. The collage is very vibrant in color. The detailing of the art is very fine. The portrait of recycled buttons is truly a masterpiece.

15. Renaissance peace angel:

The angel

This design has a special place in my heart. Lin Evola-Smidt designed this beautiful art to promote peace. He used old metal scraps of weapons and melted them to create the angel. It is a contrasting art, which uses the tools of destruction to create the symbol of peace and calm.