16 Eco-technologies ensuring brighter future for our planet

Desalinization plant

The industrial revolution gave us a lot of comfort and convenience but also led to an unimaginable negative impact on the environment. Reducing the use of natural resources is imperative, but the world now has to focus on green technologies which will help to keep pollution down in the future. Some eco technologies are in their nascent stages but they show great promise, and some are already in use. Take a look at these eco friendly technologies which can replace the old tech, which allow us to hope that a brighter future for our planet is possible:

16 technologies promising a brighter future for our planet

Wind power

Wind powerRenewable and clean, wind energy promises to be one of the renewable energies which will be quite common worldwide in coastal regions.  If you’re depressed about the environment, don’t be, as green power will power homes and offices without reducing natural resources.

Tidal generators

These generators are massive fans which work underwater to generate electricity using the ocean tides. The concept behind this sustainable technology is that water is 1000 times denser than wind, and water power could generate more power than wind turbines. As of now, this tech is too expensive to maintain and build, but they could become an important source of green energy in the future.

Recycled electronics

Recycle Electronic Components

E-waste contains many rare and expensive materials which can be reused. In this way, recycling electronics is one of the ways of saving earth. Before throwing out your old computer/cellphone, check out the e-waste recycling options near you and send your old electronics there.


It’s made any mixing the remains of burnt trees into soil. This is an incredible way to reduce the amount of nitrous oxide and methane which is released by the soil and escapes into the environment to cause warming of the atmosphere.

LED lightsreplace-LED-in-the-future

LED lights are not just twinkling fairy lights which you used to decorate your Christmas tree.

These lights are replacing conventional lighting as they consume much less energy and lasts 25-50 times more than regular incandescent bulbs. This is a technology which would light the way to a brighter future for our planet.

Waste-energy plants

Landfills are massive and emit methane, a greenhouse gas constantly. Burning garbage in WTE plants is a solution which is soon becoming a necessity to control the huge amount of garbage we produce. This technology which has been extremely successful in European countries is now being adopted by many countries in the world.

HFC/ Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Hydrogen can be used to fuel vehicles

HFCs are batteries which convert chemical energy to electricity. It could be a great alternative fuel for cars and powering, cooling and heating buildings. The tech to harvest hydrogen is not perfect as yet, but it’s getting there. Once HFCs can be commercially produced, then we would have a clean, green fuel and no longer feel depressed about the environment.


RAPID stands for ‘Real-time Anti-Poaching Intelligence device’. It is a technology developed by UK conservationists. It uses GPS, heart rate monitors and a unique camera which can be fitted on a rhino’s horn. This tech is excellent to protect endangered animals from being killed by poachers and seems to be a wonderful tech for brighter future for our planet.

Drone imaging

Drone imagingAnother great way scientists are working on saving earth and her precious animals are by using drone imaging tech. Surveillance technology like thermal imaging, photos from aircraft and drone imaging is being used to monitor wild animals’ habitat and food habits.

Drones are being used to combat deforestation too, and thus it is one of the eco technologies which spell a brighter future for our planet. Photographic images captured by drones are used to prepare plans to replant forests, as well plant a whopping 36,000 seeds daily.

Digital sniffers to detect pollution

The GMAP is a brand new system which can assess the emissions by drawing in the air into its system and then reading the data. This method can be used to reduce dangerous emissions and an in-depth inspection can be carried out to analyze further.

Self-driving cars

Self-driving cars

There has been a lot of publicity around these vehicles and they are soon going to be commonplace. These autonomous cars are touted to be smart in driving as well as curbing carbon emissions, as they will be equipped with smart fuel consumption tech, may be paving the way to a brighter future for our planet.


Biodiesel is made out of animal fats and vegetable oils after being treated with alcohol. It can be safely used in any diesel engine. This new diesel is a green option which will reduce a diesel vehicle’s environmental and carbon effects. It’s gradually becoming popular and in some parts of the world, is being used in commercial transport solutions as well as trains.

Photovoltaic cellsPhotovoltaic

PV cells have become affordable and is fast turning into the most popular energy sources using sustainable technology. The time is not far when every home will be powered by solar energy either completely or partly.

Recycled plastic bricks

The poor have very few options when it comes to economic housing. Some innovators have found a solution which can solve two problems at one go – creating plastic bricks from recyclable plastic, thereby reducing plastic pollution and making insulated, cheap homes for impoverished people. Technologies like this seem to provide hope and make a brighter future for our planet.

Desalinization plants

Desalinization plantIt’s the process of removing salt as well as other minerals from ocean/sea water to make it potable and for use in agriculture. These plants are already in use in Middle East and probably will be used in the world’s coastal communities in future.

Vertical farming

With population booming worldwide, thousands of acres of farmland have given way to residential and office complexes. Vertical farming is a solution to feed the millions. The food is grown without pesticides, thus being healthier too.

Humanity has finally heeded the clarion call from long-suffering Earth to research and use green technology to gradually resolve serious issues such as climate change due to human actions. The latest technologies would ensure a better future for the planet than the dark and dreary one which seems almost inevitable.

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