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19th Century wood beams make a comeback as offbeat tables!

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To be ‘carefully careless’ is still a statement in today’s fashion world. Recently, similarity has been found in the furniture world too. Irregularity in shape, color or texture of reclaimed materials are being carefully used to create offbeat furniture as well. A group of creative people at the Unite Two Design are designing different types of furniture from reclaimed materials which they recover from local farm houses, industrial sites and residential objects thus recycling the otherwise waste materials.

To cite an example, the tables they have designed can be put under light. They made them from some 19th century’s farmhouse beams and American chestnut from a schoolhouse of mid 19th century. With innovative and very out of the place designs they have taken use of reclaimed material to a new height and glamorized these otherwise waste materials in their own way. Regular irregularity pattern of the raw materials and absolutely unique designs make the tables very attractive and good suits for rooms occupied by people with keen admiration for audacity. Also, the simplicity in the designs is another reason that anyone who come across those tables would fall in love with them instantly.

The tables are bit costly with price ranging from $568 to $1295 at the stores; but one can easily make these tables at his/her home if wishes to spend a little time to innovate his/her own furniture and spend less money. As the raw materials are easy, the tables are just some hours away.

Via: DigsDigs