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20 Stunning green products that are inspired by nature

Wooden table with planter

Green products have become quite a rage recently. It has become the subject of innovation, recreation and imagination in all sorts of sector that one can think. Starting from buildings to furniture to lifestyle products, the preference and demand for eco-friendly and green products is on rise. More and more people are also including themselves in the save environment drive. Here are some of the popular and innovative green products which can be used in your day to day life.

1. Dilston Grove

Dilston Grove

Dilston Grove, the first concrete church of London situated in Bermondsey, had become derelict over the years. Ackroyd and Harvey, a team of designers brought this building back to life, quite literally. They utilized several elements of nature like clay, germinating grass seed, water and light and projected an image of growth and rejuvenation.

2. Life drawing

Life Drawing

Akroyd and Harvey created the entire exterior of a mausoleum in the Grand City Cemetery providing a sense of peace and calm to the historical mausoleum that had a troubled past involving vandalism by the army of Soviet Union.

3. Fly Tower

Fly Tower

Its not only ancient and stylized buildings that have been the subjects of Ackroyd and Harvey. They have worked on one of the modern landmarks of London, the Fly Tower and transformed the iconic building into a giant testimony.

4. Outdoor living room

Outdoor Living Room

The National Trust UK undertook a project of installing couches made of grass, outdoors to catch the fancy of the people and encourage them to spend more time outdoors.

5. Green bed

Nature Bed

After taking a nap on lush, green and soft grass bed, you would surely feel rejuvenated and fresh because you had just taken a nap on Mother Nature’s lap.

6. Pooktre chair

Pooktre chair

Peter and Becky perfected a method called Pooktre that shaped the growth of trees. By shaping the trees they created living art and also highly exquisite outdoor furniture like Pooktre chair.

7. Growing chair

Growing Chair

Designed by Michel Bussien, this growing chair has been mounted on a planter. To complete the green effect Russian vine is wrapped around the willow branches growing from the four legs of the chair. Now, you can sit atop your favorite tree.

8. Real moss tables

Dry Moss Table

Real, dried moss was inserted by Ayodhya into the table top of a coffee table with a glass top to create these wonderful tables.

9. Green umbrella stand

Grass Umbrella Stand

Designer Simon Enever created this elegant, modern day umbrella stand where you can keep your wet umbrella and the water would trickle down to quench the thirst of the grass underneath.

10. Grass-On green lamp

Nature Lamp

Ye can see here how grass becomes the perfect lampshade in this lamp, made of recycled materials and is completely eco-friendly.

11. Organic clock

Organic Clock

This clock does not need any additional power source. A chemical reaction between metal electrodes and mud, powers this clock.

12. One pot and two lives

Amalgamation of Flora and Fauna

Sheng-Zhe Feng and Ling-Yuan Chou conceived this innovative idea where flora and fauna thrive together.

13. Table with removable planter

Wooden table with planter

This table comes with a removable planter situated in the middle which can be filled with greenery of your desire. It is mainly made from steel and reclaimed walnut by Emily Wettstain.

14. Beautiful dishes inspired by cherry leaves

Green Kitchenware

The silicone kitchenware designed by Nao Tamura, New York-based Japanese designer is dish wash and microwave safe that can be rolled up and stored. Its perfect for those who wish to experience nature indoors too.

15. Eating tree in most creative party tray ever

Tray or tree

Is this a party tray or a small eatable tree? It is both as you can fill this tree cum tray with toppings of your choice like fruits and marshmallows etc.

16. Soap leaf

Soap Leaf

You can now go eco-friendly by saying no to the soap papers and welcoming soap leaves into your life. Perfumed soap is poured on to dried, veined leaves inspired by an age old Thai recipe.

17. Living moss bath mat

Living Moss Bath Mat

This bath mat houses three types of moss – island moss, forest moss and ball moss on plastazote, an imputrescible foam. The water dripping from the human body and the high humidity of the bathroom will provide the moss with perfect living conditions.

18. Grass flip flops

Green flip flops

Now you can always walk on the grass. It does not matter where you are by just slipping into your grass flip flops.

19. Growing jewelry

Growing Jewelry

Hafsteinn Juliusson designed this organic line of growing jewelry to interest the metropolitan citizens in Nature.

20. A wearable planter

A wearable planter

Designer Colleen Jordan just made plants more wearable and a new style statement.