Best of 2011: 10 Indoor planters

Indoor plants are the best option for those who wish to have a garden, but can’t do so owing to the space problem. Besides creating greenery around you and providing a healthy home environment, the indoor plants add to your home decor. An indoor plant distinguishes itself from a home’s luculent interiors and therefore, choosing the right indoor planter becomes essential. Pick the one that not only matches the ambience of your house, but also facilitates the health of the plant. You can also design your own planter from the various discarded things available at your house, such as old books and old furniture. Check out the some of the best indoor planter ideas below.

Indoor planters

1. Planter ideas made of old books:

Old Books

The old books, which are of no further use and are often given away for recycling, can be creatively reused as indoor planters. An Italian design company, Gartenkultur, has given this unique idea of reusing discarded books as decorative pots for house plants. The idea is very simple and equally cheap. You just need to drill a hole in a thick book or a stack of slim books and cover it with some isolation material to prevent it from getting wet. After that, cover the hole with soil and your planter is ready to hold plants. The old books planter is suitable for small flora like bonsai that would create a vivid atmosphere in your house.

2. Modern indoor kennels/planters:

Indoor Kennels / Planters

Sebastian Haquet and Thomas Lanthier, founder of Pousse Creative, an interior decor company in France have created these modern indoor homes for pets, known as the Kokon Kennel and the K Bannette Kennel. These small homes are made of recyclable roto molded plastic. The unique thing about these stylish hideaways is that they have an integrated planter placed on top. Along with providing a comfortable shed for your pet, you can grow indoor plants to create a green environment in your home.

3. Sky planter pots:

Sky Planter

New Zealand designer, Patrick Morris, has created these sky planter pots that let you cultivate small herbs and indoor plants even if there is little available space in your house. These pots can be suspended upside down through any roof extension or a hook on the top of a wall. The soil holding the plant is kept in place by a disc lock and an innovative water storage system keeps the roots of the plant hydrated. These sky planters gives your room phantasmagorical appearance.

4. Natural table as indoor planters home:

Natural table

Emily Wettstein has designed a natural wood table that along with dining or many other such purposes will also serve as an indoor planter. The walnut wood table has planter space sitting in the middle of the table, which is removable and you can grow various indoor plants of your liking.

5. Modern indoor planter by paula hayes:

Modern Indoor Planter

For those who lack space but want natural plants to decorate their homes, Paula Hayes has designed the Modern Indoor Planter. They can be fixed to the walls of the room or can be placed in any available space. The planters come in various designs and there is much space to grow many plants. The contemporary visual aspect of the planter enhances the beauty of the room while creating a natural environment.

6. The skull planters:

skull planters

As we know that indoor plants impart a natural ambience to the room, the planter that holds the indoor plant will add elegance and enhance the decoration of your room. These skull shaped planters are beautifully created out of resin and can clasp air plants like Tillandsia that requires a little care.

7. Glass planters from score and solder:

Glass planters

If you are looking for something truly unique and eye catching, you might love to consider these artistic planters from the house of “Score and Solder.” Available in three different designs, these beautiful glass planters will not only add greenery to your living space, but will also add to the overall décor.

8. Pillow pots indoor garden

Pillow Pots

How about indoor planters that double as throw pillows? Courtesy of Studio Libel, and Israeli design team, the Willo Collection includes unusually interesting planter designs that you can use as throw pillows too. You can place them anywhere inside your home, be it your living room, patio or the dining room. These pillow pots are available in a range of colors and designs to complement your décor. Moreover, the pillows use waterproof fabrics, so you don’t have to worry about the spills. The inside of the pillow offers enough space for a removable deep pot, in which your plant can grow easily.

9. Ornamental glass terrarium for plants

Ornamental Glass Terrarium

These stunning hand blown glass terrariums designed by Liz Boscacci for Bevara Design are sure to liven up your indoors. Since they are transparent and made from glass, you can admire the details and beauty of the plants. These hand blown terrariums bear the name of both the designers and the manufacturer.

10. Kitchen herb planter pots

Elegant Kitchen Herb Planter

For those who love to have plants inside their kitchens, the Kitchen Herb Planter Pots by Toyo seems to be the just the right thing. This magnificent planter pot comes equipped with blue and red LEDs to add a zing to your kitchen environment. The homeowners can either go for individual pots or use them with the kitchen storage.

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