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Best of 2011: Biodegradable products

As we all know, the rate of pollution is ever-increasing. If we do not take precautionary steps on time, it can even have a life-threatening impact. The main reason for this pollution is the accumulation of all types waste materials on the earth. One obvious solution to this problem can be to reduce this waste accumulation. This can be done by using products that are biodegradable, which means these products will be totally Eco-friendly. The use of such products will not cause any harm to the environment. This article introduces you to 10 very innovative products that can help us save our surroundings.

1. Luxurious Seating by Hannastina Crick

Luxurious Seating

This is a straw bench created by Hannastina Crick, a graduate from Brighton University. The unique design is a smart blend of Scandinavian culture and British crafts. This bench is made of straw and is totally biodegradable. It is very comfortable and can give your house a natural feel. This bench is a remarkable example of an Eco-friendly product.

2. Biodegradable BIOCETA Brushes


Hair brushes, combs and toothbrushes are something that are used by everyone on a daily basis. The material used to make them is normally not very Eco-friendly, so the accumulation of these can spoil the environment. Therefore, BIOCETA has come up with brushes that are very earth-friendly. These are made of cellulose acetate that are biodegradable and do not harm the greenery of the planet.

3. Fujitsu biodegradable mouse

Bio-degradable mouse

The world today is crazy after computers. However, we seldom realize that the mouse that is connected to the computers is normally made of plastic. Disposal of a mouse means an increase in the amount of plastic waste. Therefore, Fujitsu has come up with a biodegradable mouse. This is made of Arboform and Biograde, both of which are totally biodegradable and do not cause any pollution. This small step of Fujitsu will significantly decrease the amount of plastic accumulated.

4. Biodegradable vacuum cleaner

vacuum cleaner

Jake Tyler, a student of Loughborough University, has made an environmentally friendly vacuum cleaner called Vax EV. The designer claims that all the parts of this cleaner are totally biodegradable. The outer body is made of cardboard, whereas the inner body is made of pure nylon plastic. Both the materials are totally recyclable. Additionally, no glue has been used in the cleaner which makes it all the more Eco-friendly. The designer claims that the cleaner is very simple and cheap. All its parts are easily replaceable and it is a good substitute for conventional vacuum cleaners.

5. Eco portable vinyl turntable

vinyl turntable

Made by Mattew Lim, this turntable is harmless to our environment. The designer uses high-density fiberboard, cork and aluminum to make this product. The turntable looks stylish and produces a good quality of sound. It is a perfect choice for anyone who is interested in good music.

6. Zebra-Like Biodegradable Paper Chair

Paper Chair

Can you believe that this stylish chair is made only of paper? All the credit goes to London-based designer, Mathias Bengtsson. The contemporary design makes the chair a great choice for all kinds of interiors. This zebra-like chair has been actually made by sticking together thousands of papers, therefore, the product is biodegradable. The best thing about the chair is that it does not even have any frame, screws or joints. An intelligent design that can save our surrounding.

7. Soft Case by Corkcase

lumber products

This case is made of a natural material called cork. Cork is got from the bark of a tree. However, you do not have to cut the entire tree for it. It can just be harvested from a part of the bark. This bark can grow back to be harvested again. Cork is a recyclable material. It is also very light, durable, water-resistant and stain-resistant.

8. Piel Frama Red Leather Case

Red Leather Case

Piel Frama cases are made by hand in Spain. They use soft durable leather for their cases. Their product has very less impact on the environment. All the procedures involved in making the case are very Eco-friendly. The tanning of the leather is also done while keeping the nature in mind. Even the glue used is safe for the environment.

9. Large Pillows Made from Reclaimed Leather Scraps

Large Pillows

The making of leather items involves lots of bad effects on our environment. In that case, it is not a clever idea to waste even a bit of leather. However, lots of scrap leather is being dumped into the garbage everyday. Hey Team has come up with a smart way of using all the scrap leather. They join all the bits and pieces of this leather to make beautiful patch pillows. These pillows look beautiful and are great for decorative purposes.

10. OneMoment Shoe Green Footwear by Figtree Factory Studios

OneMoment Shoe

Figtree Factory Studios have designed footwear called OneMoment shoe.These are completely biodegradable and are made by a process known as bio-polymer injection process. The sole is 2mm thick and is made of biodegradable plastic. The unisex shoes look very smart and modern, and also provide lots of comfort to the feet.

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