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Best of 2011: Most bizarre eco friendly products

bizarre eco friendly products

It is an old saying that mind travels faster than anything. The concept of go-green has taken everyone with a storm and everyone seems to test their creativity by designing products on the same concept. Today, the market is over-flooded with plethora of green products that will surely amaze you. Manufactured using waste and eco friendly material, these products will help one in incorporating environmentally-friendly lifestyle into ones daily routine. Let’s have a look at some of the most bizarre friendly products available in the market:

1. The Inner Life Chair

Inner Life Chair

This chair has been designed with a clear intention to include nature in your lifestyle. Designed by Martin Azua, Inner Life Chair is green furniture with natural herb growing from one of the sides and its design seems inspired from Flingstones, the famous cartoon character. However, the finishing and polishing of this chair can suit any modern décor. There is a special place provided at the backside of this chair for your dog, cat or any other small pet animal to rest.

2. Concept toys that help to generate energy

toys generate energy

The concept of solar energy is no new to us. There has been a considerable increase in solar powered gadgets in 21st century. Manufacturers all over the world are developing toys that would help generate energy as one plays with them. These toys are basically based on solar energy, kinetic energy and even human muscular energy. All of them are eco friendly with zero carbon footprints.

3. Eco-friendly and Portable Pot design

Portable Pot design

Matteria, the reckoned shop that provides sustainable products, has come up with an interesting pot that is completely eco friendly. Based on the concept of innovative usage of reclaimed materials, this pot named as the RUCSAC pot is very portable to be carried almost anywhere. The exterior of pot is fabricated out of dual wall geo-textile fabric in such a way that the balance between air, soil and water is perfectly maintained.

4. Custom Hairball Jewelry from Cat

Hairball Jewelry from Your Cat

If you are a die-hard cat frantic and love to wear their hair on your dresses, then let’s move onto another level. Heidi Abhrahasomson, a renowned jewelry designer, has introduced a wide range of jewelry that is made out of cat’s hairballs. Right from earrings to necklaces, and even a ring, she has designed it all from cat hairballs.

5. Baby Alien eco-furniture

Baby Alien

Bring home the baby Alien inspired from the blockbuster Hollywood flicks. The metallic sculpture manufactured using discarded vehicle parts is a perfect example of imagination and inimitable artistry. It not only helps adding a steampunk effect in your living room but in cleaning the environment form discarded metal scraps.

6. Beer-bottle chandelier by Amy Leners

Beer-bottle chandelier

Have you ever given a second thought than selling the empty beer bottles lying in your room to a garbage collector? Well Amy Leners did for sure as he came up with innovative beer-bottle chandelier. He used beer bottles fitted into a bicycle wheel rim that could be hanged on the ceiling.

7. Lobster Shells crafted into eco-friendly lingerie

eco-friendly lingerie

This one might scare away your partner if you revealed it without prior warning. What came in the mind of Laura Ann Jacob that she came up with this wackiest design lingerie is best known to her. Designed from an old lobster shell, this lingerie exactly resembles a lobster or a crab wrapped around ones neck.

8. INSA 10-Inch Elephant Dung Heels

Elephant Dung Heels

These are weird but might prove a boon for someone ashamed of his/her short height. INSA, a London based designer of repute, came up with 10 inch heels made from nothing but elephant dung. In addition, it was decorated with interested paintings and pearls as tribute to Chris Ofili of “The Holy Virgin Mary” fame.

9. Hanging tent system

Hanging tent

The hanging tent system is an item one should try once. Completely awesome, this tent is different from other tents as it hangs on a tree. Fabricated using fabric covered platform which is completely surrounded by a metal frame for enhanced strength and durability, these tents can be absolute fun campaigning trips and excursion. This tent is named Portaledges.

10. LED Ropes

LED Ropes

It was LED lights, and then LED electronics we heard of until we came across LED ropes. Yes, it’s absolutely true. Designer Christian Haas has introduced a unique concept of lamp or ropes named as “LED Rope”. This rope has a combination of tiny yet advance LEDs with textile knots which look like a rope but illuminates like a lamp to lighten up your environment.