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Best of 2011: Concept hybrid yachts

Since joining hands with the environment for a better, safer future has been adopted by almost every manufacturing field, it should no longer throw a curve if we happen to witness some really bold yacht concepts with the same theme. Although the fusion of beauty and care is not so easily infused, there are still some creative designers who know how to get their boats sailing. Here, we are providing you with a glimpse over the best concept hybrid yachts that not only made high waves this year, but also promised to give you a green trip over blue water with the luxury factor quite a lot intact.

1. Audi Trimaran Hybrid Yacht Concept

Audi Trimaran Hybrid

Designed ingeniously by Stefan Behringer, the amazing Audi Trimaran Hybrid Yacht Concept subsumes the innovative idea of featuring two ski jets in a motorboat. Propulsion of the model is rendered by two engines, light-powered Audi diesel and jet skis are electrically operated. The 15 meters long hybrid luxury yacht can seamlessly accomplish a speed of 30 knots while operating two diesel engines and provides ample space for 12 people.

2. FellerYachting Presents dymax_power 8.5 hybrid Yacht Concept

Dymax_power 8.5 hybrid Yacht

Distinguished for its new hybrid propulsion system, the unique concept incorporate two light super-charged engines which work on counter-rotating surface-drives. The 8.5m boat not only achieves 40 knots once the combustion engines turn on, but also ensures to deliver the most efficient experience. However, the yacht enables the owner to arrange and design their model’s forward cabin interior and deck-layout.

3. Ocean Empire LSV Solar Hybrid Yacht

Ocean Empire LSV

The ultra-modern Ocean Empire LSV Solar Hybrid Yacht has been designed to be extremely exclusive by being the first one to harness the renewable collective resources present in the Earth’s Biosphere. Featuring a distinctive character, the solar hybrid Ocean Empire can potently generate energy to make up to 12,000 nautical miles of Carbon Neutral Chartered voyages every year.

4. Green hybrid yachts with higher efficiencies by Guido de Groot Design and Intec Marin

Green hybrid yachts

Another incredibly efficient yacht concept that highlights the most is the Green hybrid yachts with higher efficiencies by Guido de Groot Design and Intec Marin. Besides aiming at ascertaining elevated efficiency scales, the two unique yachts bring forth minimized noise levels and lessened carbon and nitrogen oxide emissions. Employed with the Intec Marine hybrid propulsion concepts, the yachts endeavor to keep emission levels as low as possible and come about 27-metre and 34-metre in their respective lengths.

5. LOU-LOU Yacht concept


Originated from the inventive mind of Pierrejean Design Studios, the LOU-LOU Yacht indeed uplifts the green technology scenario. To sail completely silently up to 8 knots with a top speed of 25 knots, the concept benefits from a hybrid technology entitled ‘electrical motorization pools’ and efficient solar panels. The luxurious looking yacht also prances with five attractive expansive outdoor decks and an incredible hybrid propulsion engine.

6. Hi-Tech Marine’s Oronero – the world’s first convertible yacht tender

Hi-Tech Marine’s Oronero

Touted to be the world’s first convertible yacht, the Hi-Tech Marine’s Oronero vows to outweigh many in the run through a convertible and completely automatized hard-top. The 12 meter long yacht cruises smoothly at speeds of up to 25 knots and features two folding platforms to enable passengers to board and disembark the boat conveniently – without having to climb the stairs. Enclosed in the carbon fiber construction, the variant further extracts power from two 280hp diesel hybrid engines and a 3kW generator supported by rooftop solar panels.

7. Hybrid Yacht Design by Harry Wood

Hybrid Yacht Design

Hybrid Yacht Design, brainchild of designer Harry Wood, focuses on how environmentally friendly designs can be installed with a dynamic elegant framework. Utilizing green technologies, the Velantic green concept integrates a candle/bio-diesel hybrid engine which puts forth the supreme sailing experience. There’s a modern navigation system as well that enables users to facilely rotate the machine from a regular sailing yacht on a cruise power. The Hybrid Yacht Design, in fact, topples as a remarkable combination of cruiser natural power, an efficient boat and a reliable, highly functional navigation system.

8. Luxury Hybrid Yacht Design

Luxury Hybrid Yacht

Last but not the least, the latest unique luxury hybrid yacht beautifully combines style and no desire to pollute. The stunning machine of water renders high performance and has been incorporated with two engines Marine 710 V10 Formula 1 to achieve 70 knots. The advanced concept also comes equipped with a Virtual Anchor system which is controlled by GPS and other reliable functions.

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