25 best eco-friendly baby products of 2018

Being an eco-parent you desire nothing but the best for your child. But it might take you too much time if you look on the Internet and start searching for the most eco-friendly baby products that are available right now. Even after hours of research, you are never sure whether you have hit upon the right baby care product or not.

Don’t worry. You don’t need to take all that trouble. Here, for your reference, we have made a list of 18 such baby products that are probably most eco-friendly in their categories. It includes diapers, toys, shampoos and a lot other baby care products.

Most eco-friendly baby products of 2018

Eco-Friendly Diapers

1. Pampers Pure Protection Diapers:

These diapers have everything that you can expect from an eco-friendly diaper. They are devoid of fragrance, free from chlorine bleaching and from parabens. Moreover, even part of their packaging is made of recycled material. Pampers is one of most popular baby products brand, so you can expect a good availability and a quality product.

2.Bambo Nature

Bambo Nature diapers are certified chemical-free. It does not contain heavy metals, chlorine, PVC, latex, formaldehyde, and a range of other chemicals. These diapers are 75% biodegradable, which is almost twice as that of an average diaper. The manufacturing of these diapers is eco-friendly. The company itself makes sure that it doesn’t harm nature in any way while disposing its waste.

3. Earth’s best

These diapers are free from chlorine, perfume, and latex. They contain corn and wheat, which help in proper absorption. These come in seven sizes, are comfortable for your little one, and are leak proof.

4. Nature Babycare

These diapers are manufactured in Sweden. For the most part, they contain renewable materials. They are free from chlorine and plastic and have corn as their primary constituent. They are breathable, comfortable, and won’t cause any rashes to your child.

5. Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation diapers are made of natural materials such as polymer spandex, SAP, unbleached wood, and Polyurethane. They are free from latex, chlorine, fragrance, and come in seven sizes.

Eco-friendly baby toys

1.Haba Magica Clutching Toy

This toy is made from Beechwood. It is durable, water-resistant, and non-toxic. It is basically a set of wooden balls connected to each other using an elastic band. It is perfect for babies beginning to practice their clutching skills.

2.Hape Double Bubble

This product is meant for children more than 6 years old. It is made out of wood and contains multiple colorful beads that can help the baby in developing its analytical and mathematical skills. The toy is small, durable, and its smooth surface cannot harm even younger babies in any way.

3. Manhattan Toy Skwish Classic


This colorfully complex toy is sure to excite the curiosity of your little one. It is made of rubberwood and it contains various beads, strings, and rods that would help in developing the motor skills of your child. It contains only water-based paint and is completely non-toxic. It comes in various color combinations, and it’d be best if you let your baby select the one.

4. Mali Wear Natural Wooden Baby Teethers

This set of baby teethers is made of wood. It includes a Sparrow, a porcupine, and an elephant. Your baby can chew on these pretty little figures for as long as he wants. They are perfectly safe.

5. Plan Toys Dancing Alligator

To the baby who has just learned how to walk, there is nothing better than a cute little alligator assisting him with that. This toy is made from rubber-wood and is coated with wonderful 100% certified organic colors. It’s as cute as a toy can be. Your baby will surely love it.

Eco-friendly baby shampoos

1. Burt’s Bees Baby shampoo & wash:

The shampoo is completely natural. It neither irritates your baby’s skin nor hurts your babies eyes. If you want one eco-friendly shampoo for your baby, put this one on your market list.

2. Dr. Bonner’s

This Shampoo is completely made of recycled material. It is available in many natural fragrances, and if you want, you can choose the unscented one too. To use it, you must dilute it first. But watch out, it isn’t a no-tear shampoo. So make sure that you protect your baby’s eyes while applying it. You don’t need any further caution as the shampoo is gentle on the skin.

3. Earth Mama Angel Baby
Earth Mama Angel Baby

The shampoo is chemical-free and doesn’t contain artificial fragrance, phthalates, and parabens. It does not have any scent. However, just like Dr. Bonner‘s, this too is not a no-tear shampoo. So you must try keeping it away from your baby’s eyes.

4. Nature’s Paradise

The shampoo is organic for the most part. It contains ingredients like sunflower oil, coconut oil, and green tea. It is eco-friendly and also good for your baby. It has a faint smell which disappears very quickly. However, this shampoo is also not tear-free, and it’s also pretty expensive.

5. Babo Botanicals

Like the name suggests, this shampoo contains natural ingredient and its ingredients are manufactured in an organic farm. On the top of all that it is certified to be vegan. It has a sweet natural smell and is very gentle on your baby’s skin and eyes.

Miscellaneous eco-friendly baby  care products

Little Coyuchi Sateen Crib Sheet

This sheet is made from 100% certified organic cotton. Not only for the baby, it is also blessing for parents, who like to see their baby sleep comfortably on a neat and tidy sheet. It’s wrinkle-free and its elastic design makes rolling it up a difficult task for even the nastiest of kids.

Bumbleridge Stroller

Who could have thought that even strollers can be made eco-friendly? But, Bumblebridge has come up with one such wonder. During the manufacturing of a single stroller, the Company claims to have conserved 25-40 gallons of water. It’s three wheels make steering it easy and the big wheels make your baby’s ride less bumpy. What else do you want?

Natursutten Glass Baby Bottles

Though most baby bottles available in the market are certified to be safe your baby, there is a slight chance of the plastic permeating your baby’s milk. However, if you are using Natursutten’s glass baby bottles, even that little chance is nullified. The glass plus the nipple of the bottle are natural and eco-friendly. It’s very comfortable to hold on. Your baby would surely like it.

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