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2,500 Feared Dead in Philippine Mudslide

victim of philippine mudslide

Call it an after-effect of indiscriminate deforestation? After the side of a mountain collapsed and buried their village mercilessly, hundreds of Filipinos are feared to have died. Though nineteen people are known to have been killed and 83 found alive, between 1,500 and 2,500 more might be under the mud, rescue officials say.

Following heavy rains, a torrent of mud and rocks swept over the site on the island of Leyte, treacherously swamping a school and hundreds of homes. And as boulders continued to cascade down the mountain, rescuers had to suspend efforts.

President Gloria Arroyo ordered the coast guard and navy to the affected area.Two US vessels are already on the way to the remote coastal village of Guinsaugon.

Via: BBC News