3 Things to look for when buying organic food

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There are many benefits of consuming organic foods. You can grow your own organic foods by acquiring a field that you can have cleared using help from www.albanyorganics.com. If you cannot afford a farm and you choose to buy your organic food, here are 3 things you need to look out for:

If you’re interested in buying organic foods you must understand what the different labels mean.  Foods labeled as “organic” may not necessarily be organic, so to be on the safe side it is important to look out for the USDA seal. Products that have the USDA seal meet a number of organic food standards. First, the plant foods were grown without synthetic fertilizers, prohibited pesticides or sewage sludge. They also do not contain any genetically modified organisms and have not been irradiated. Animal products are acquired from animals that have not been given any antibiotics or growth hormones and have been given access to the outdoors as well as being raised in accordance with basic health and welfare standards. USDA-approved processed foods have also been created with material that is at least 95% from organic plants and animals. Other labels that can be checked to verify whether the food is organic may include:

Natural. This label shows that the product does not have any artificial ingredients.
Certified naturally grown. Products with this label meet the same standards as those with the USDA organic label. 

Place of purchase


Some of the best types of organic foods you can purchase are locally sourced products. There are countless benefits of purchasing locally grown organic foods, some of which are:

Locally grown foods are oftentimes sweeter and more nutritious. This is because they are taken to the market immediately after harvesting or collection and thus are fresh.

They don’t have to be picked early to account for long shipping and transit times.

Local produce is also environmentally friendly. This is because they do not need to be transported over long distances, and as a bonus, their purchase promotes local farmers. 

Sales and coupons buying-organic-food

In some stores, organic foods may be a little bit more expensive compared to the other products. It is therefore wise to look for markets that offer discounts and sales on organic foods so that you can save yourself a penny for another day. There are a few savings sites online that focus on natural and organic products.

Organic deals, for example, comb through stores’ sales fliers to find organic products that are selling at a good price, and it offers links to online coupons that you can stack with those sales.  There are also department stores specializing in organic and natural products that offer good deals and sell their produce at discount prices. You can also find deals by shopping online. If that does not work, you can buy your organic food direct from the farmer.

Depending on your location and what the farmer is selling, the savings from this sort of deal can be very significant. You can visit the farmer at their farm and maybe even help pick your own produce, or visit your local farmers’ market where you can choose from a variety of products at a lower cost.

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