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3 Types of Home Solar Power Systems

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Home Solar Power Systems

The advancement of technology allows us to use renewable energy like solar energy system. As we all know that the availability of non-renewable energy has declined significantly. For energy conservation, many people install solar power system both at home and business premises. For people who live far from the city and are not covered by electricity, they can use the solar energy system to light up their homes. Solar power systems utilize solar energy which is then converted into electricity. In this case, you can buy a home solar system kit and then install it. Solar energy system comes to the market with different sizes. Small solar panels for home use are very popular among the homeowner. Many people are investing their money in a home solar system. Installing home solar system kit is easy and you can do it by yourself. However, it is essential to know that there are different types of solar power system available in the market.

Grid inter-tied solar energy system with battery backup

Grid Inter-tied solar energy system with no battery back up

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The solar power system is connected to the conventional utility power grid, and back-up battery is added to the system. The battery back-up plays a crucial role in balancing power production and power demand. Solar power system produces energy based on the availability of the sunlight. When the solar power system receives enough sunlight, the power production will exceed the power demand. In this case, the excess power will charge the beaneries and store the energy. When solar power produces less electricity, you can draw power from the battery. The solar power system also connected to the traditional power grid. This will allows you to choose your power source either from the conventional utility power grid or solar power system. Connecting your solar power system to the utility power grid will also allow you the power to the grid when you have excess energy production.

Grid inter-tied solar power system with battery backup offer flexibility to the homeowner. However, this particular solar power system requires a more complex design that eventually will cost you more than other simple types of solar power systems. Even more, charging and discharging the battery also affect significantly to battery life efficiency.

Grid Inter-tied solar energy system with no battery back up

This particular solar power system is connected directly to your conventional electric utility grid. In this case, you will have two electricity sources. One is from your traditional utility grid and one electricity source from the solar power system. In this case, you can switch your electricity source from conventional utility grid to solar power system and vice versa smoothly. When your solar power systems produce more power than you require, you can sell your excess power back to the utility. On the other hand, you can draw the power from the utility grid when your solar power systems produce less energy than you required.

Off-grid Solar Power system

excess power demand

Unlike other solar power systems, off-grid solar power is a stand-alone system and disconnected from the conventional electric power grid. Since the solar system stands alone, you need to install the battery to prevent against power shortfall. The battery will balance the period of excess power demand and excess power production. Very often generator is added to the system and used during unprecedented power demand or prolonged excess power demand.


There are different types of solar power system available in the market. In this case, you have to find the best power system suitable for your personal need.

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