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3 Ways to Protect Your Phone Against the Elements

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Protect Your Phone Against the Elements

If you’re going off on a hike or extended journey, chances are you’ll take your smartphone with you. Whether you want to take pictures of the stunning scenery, or simply reassure yourself that you’ll be able to contact someone in an emergency, leaving the house without a phone can feel a bit reckless. But how can we make sure our mobiles are protected in the great outdoors?

From dropping your phone on a rocky path to getting it caught in a rainstorm, the natural world can leave our phones vulnerable to all sorts of environmental damage. This post will explain three steps you can take to keep your phone safe, dry and a stable temperature when you’re out and about.

1. Invest in a high-quality phone case

high-quality phone caseYou wouldn’t go outdoors without a pair of shoes on, would you? Think of a case as your phone’s protective clothing. Phone cases help cushion your device against knocks and scrapes – something which is especially important when hiking on rough terrain.

If you have an iPhone X or XS, check out these cases, which are made of super durable polycarbonate. A good case will not only protect your phone from accidental drops; it will also provide a barrier from the elements. Dust, sand and rainwater can get into the cracks of your phone and interfere with your battery – so choose a sturdy yet stylish case that will put your mind at rest.

2. Choose active wear with phone pockets

There are few things more annoying than going for a run without anywhere secure to put your phone. The last thing you want is to have to bring a bag, or have to worry about your mobile falling out of your pocket while you’re on the move.

Solve this problem by choosing activewear with inbuilt phone pockets. Leggings, running shorts and jackets are all available with side panels and tight zippered pockets, where you can stow your phone without it slipping around as you run. For extra protection, opt for waterproof fabrics, which will also protect your phone from the rain.

3. Protect your phone from extreme temperatures

extreme temperatureDid you know that your phone battery becomes significantly less effective in extreme temperatures? Whether you’re out in the burning sunlight, or going for a cold snowy ramble, it’s unlikely that your phone is working its best – and it could even be starting to get damaged.

According to Apple, iPhones should ideally be kept between 0 and 35 degrees Celsius. If it gets too hot, you might notice that its screen starts to go dim, its camera flash is disabled, and it stops charging as quickly as it should. When a phone with a lithium-ion battery gets too cold, the battery can start to shut down, causing the device to run out of charge rapidly.

To protect your phone from under or overheating, the best solution is to keep your device turned off until you need to use it. A phone’s optimum temperature range is a lot narrower when it’s switched on, so it’s a good idea to conserve its power by turning it off properly.

If you must have it on when it’s cold, keep it as close to you as possible so that your body heat can regulate its temperature. In hot weather, turn the brightness of your screen down low and disable any unnecessary apps to stop the battery from overworking.

Bottom Line

Next time you’re taking your phone out hiking with you, why not follow some of these tips to make sure it’s sheltered from the elements? It’s better to gear up rather than leave your lifeline at home!

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