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3XN architects design a green structure for Middelfart Savings Bank


Great architecture, eco-friendly technology, stress-relieving environment with a touch of green is what in my opinion a perfect workplace would be like. Getting all these together to meet with Middelfart Savings Bank’s high expectations is 3XN architects. The creative architects have come up with a dramatic design for the Bank’s new head office. The most striking part of the building is a huge beautiful wooden roof that has numerous openings. To break the suffocating formal feel of a conventional office, a bookshop, a café, a real estate agent and the cash desk are placed around a central plaza, forming an informal public meeting space.


The outstanding roof covering consists of 83 prism like skylights that glow to add to the aesthetics of the structure. The numerous openings in the roof not only let ample of light in, but also allow view of Lillebælt waters from all places throughout the building. Adding to the green feature is the energy-efficient heating and cooling systems. Developed by the Danish Technical University, the system incorporates the method that is based upon pre-fabricated concrete decks with embedded plastic pipes. The building plaza will also have an art installation created by the famous artist Olafur Eliasson.





Via: WorldArchitectureNews