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4 – Best environmental activities for teen students

by Dr Prem Community Writer
environmental activities for teen students

The glaciers are melting faster than they ever were, the amazon rainforest is burning at an extreme rate, last five years were the hottest on this planet, corals are disappearing, and that’s not all. Things are going to become worse in just 10 years from now. Furthermore, if we don’t take an action now, by 2050 our planet might no longer remain livable.

Most of us might be pretty old by then. It is the generation which is growing up now that would have to face the worst. Therefore, by introducing environmental activities for teen students, we should make sure that they are aware of the environment and best equipped for the future.

Best environmental activities for teen students

1. Acquaint them with nature

Acquaint them with nature

Nature is a broad term. When we think about it, the only things that comes to our mind is forests and mountains. However, nature means much more than that. It also means the actual nature of things. Therefore, apart from taking the teen students to walk out in the open, by finding the best ultrasound machines for sale you can also help them study tissues and other deeper parts of the nature. Along with giving them aesthetic experience of nature, it is important that you help them with their scientific knowledge of nature as well.

2. Make them participate in green events

go green

We learn much more from our peers than from our books. So, if you take your students to green events that would help them get connected with other like-minded people as well.There’s nothing that motivates you to go green than the company of eco-conscious people. In addition, these would also make the students aware about the opportunities out there where they can work for the environment.

3. Give eco-friendly projects

online DIY eco-friendly projects

As a teacher, you might have to give projects to students every one in a while. So, why not give them something eco-friendly? You can find plenty of interesting and affordable DIY eco-friendly projects online. All you need to do is just make sure that you assist your students and keep them motivated throughout.

4. Make groups on social media

Make groups on social mediaWhether we like it or not, social media has become an integral part of our lives. Almost all teenager nowadays spend a great part of their free time browsing through Instagram or Facebook. Therefore, having a presence on social media is extremely important. However, before you go forward with it, just make sure that you take a look at similar pages that are popular over social media. It won’t even be a bad idea to make some of your devoted students run such pages.

From putting time lapse videos about eco-friendly DIY projects to sharing eco-tips, there’s no limit to things you can using your social media page.

Why not ask your students for suggestions?

It is important that you don’t impose your attitude on your students. So, you should be friendly with them and ask them for suggestions. Avoid forced participation. Just try to make it interesting enough for them, the students would join automatically.

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