4 Simple Ways You Can Go Green with Your Medical Care

Go Green with Your Medical Care

When you think about “going green,” you probably think about recycling or driving a hybrid vehicle. On a larger scale, you might picture wind farms, giant solar panels, and efforts to clean up the ocean. Medical care is likely the farthest thing from your mind. However, it shouldn’t be.

The fact is that the medical industry in the United States is incredibly profitable and extremely wasteful. Though some waste is to be expected, healthcare providers often choose cost over everything else, which usually means that green procedures, equipment, and processes get left in the dust.

However, there’s no need to feel hopeless. While you can’t do much to change the entire medical industry on your own, you can change some of your own habits. You also have more control over your medical care than you may realize.So, let’s take a look at 4 ways to go green with medical care!

1. Research OTC Pharmaceuticals

woman-at-drug-storeA lot of medical treatment for common issues requires over-the-counter medications that you can pick up at the drug store. However, not all pharmaceutical manufacturers are alike. When you go to the drug store, you probably have a few options to choose from, so why not do a little research before making a purchase? After all, would you rather give your money to a company that’s causing large-scale damage to the environment or a company that actively works to engage in green business practices?

2. Ask Your Doctor About Green Treatment Plans

Most physicians don’t have the environment in mind when they recommend a treatment plan. This isn’t a criticism, but a natural part of the medical industry. Doctors put their patients’ health above all else, as they should. This means that it’s your responsibility to ask your doctor if there are environmentally-friendly treatments for your ailments. It doesn’t matter if you need stem cell therapy for back pain or chemotherapy for cancer, if you don’t ask your doctor about “going green,” you won’t know if you have greener options.

3. Avoid Single-Use Devices

medical-sampleIt doesn’t matter if you’re grabbing a bite to eat or getting a check-up at the doctor’s office — you’re bound to run into single-use products. While you don’t always want to avoid them (you probably don’t want your doctor to use the same cotton swab for all of his patients), you should avoid single-use medical devices and products whenever possible. For example, if you wear a mask due to COVID-19, wear a washable mask rather than getting a huge pack of single-use masks that you have to throw away and replace on a regular basis.

4. Look for All-Natural Remedies

Though you should never do anything to put your health at risk, there are many all-natural remedies for everyday ailments like joint pain, headaches, and the common cold. Instead of running to the drug store every time you feel under the weather, look for all-natural remedies that you might already have in your cupboard. Not only will this help you go green with your medical care, but it will also save you time and money!

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