DIY solar powered pool heaters that make your pool temperature just right

Who doesn’t like to swim under clear blue sky and bright sun? But the problem comes during slightly cold summer days. So, pool heaters are obviously the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind – as these devices can easily keep you from cold water. However, hefty electricity bills might put a deep hole in your pocket. If you’re still looking for a simple yet effective solution, DIY solar-powered pool heaters could be the answer. Solar-powered pool heaters obviously run on sun’s energy and its running cost is 30- to 40-percent less than conventional pool heaters.

How to make DIY solar pool heater?

solar powered pool heaters

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Solar pool heaters also use photovoltaic (PV) modules to charge the pump for sufficient heat. A DC pump is also required for the construction along with landscaping tubing. You can use this setup by the side of your pool or on roof. However, when fixed atop a roof – PV installations put more strain on pump as more amount of sun energy is collected and stored into the system.

Materials required for solar heater

  1. Solar PV panel
  2. Submersible pump
  3. Landscape tubing
  4. Junctions for tubing
  5. Pool cover

Assembly of solar heater

  1. Firstly, you need to cut the tubing in several short sections to make parallel tracks. Don’t cut the tube too long, or water can get too hot.
  2. Use T-joiners, as well as junctions to connect short tubes to form a panel.
  3. If you want the solar heater on roof, then you need to make a plywood mounting. Otherwise, you can simply place it on the ground near swimming pool.
  4. Make sure the PV panel is placed in such position that it receives maximum sunlight and convert it into heat energy for appropriate warmth in pool.
  5. While you’re filling the pool, make sure the hose is facing the sun. This will easily allow the water inside the hose to heat slowly. It would be better if you place it on sun-facing roof or ground.
  6. Now you have to slowly fill the pool because it will heat the pool more quickly. So, ensure using thinner water stream to fill the pool. This will provide sufficient time to heat up water, as it begins moving from tubing to hose and finally to the pool.

Preventing energy loss

solar powered pool heaters 2

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In heated swimming pools, the huge challenge is to prevent loss of energy. Evaporation is the major reason for energy loss, however it could be prevented using a pool cover. A translucent pool cover can be used to absorb enough sun energy at daytime, plus it also ensures that no energy is loss during the night.

If you use pool covers for at least 12 hours, then you can observe a difference of 5-degree Fahrenheit in air temperature. Another advantage of using pool cover is that it also minimizes cleaning time. This means you don’t have to refill water in the pool again and again.

Solar blanket

Solar blanket is a type of pool cover that’s designed to appear like a bubble wrap. Due to its bubble wrap-like design, it is able to absorb maximum solar energy and slowly transfer it to the pool. Bubble side must be placed downwards to ensure that the heat is not lost even in winter or raining season.

Solar-powered DIY pool heaters are affordable and practical ways to maintain favourable water temperature in the pool, even during cold or raining days.

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