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5 amazing newspaper dress designs

Newspaper Dresses

Dresses designed out of newspaper! You heard it right, and we are not talking about disposable surgical scrubs. Some dress designers are actually taking their concern for recycling to amazing lengths and coming up with dresses that are made out of newspaper. These might put you in a spot if there is an interesting story on it and someone decides to really read the fine print. Additionally, you will have to ensure that you don’t machine wash them, and go slow on the bleach if you still want to read it the next time. But jokes aside, there are dresses out there that are elegant, with cutting edge design, and created to make you the envy of the evening, whether you sit down or not.

Whether you are an eco-fashionista or just plain daring, the concept of wearing haute couture newsprint will surely appeal to you. Take a look at these amazing newspaper dress designs:

1. Isaac Mizrahi’s Pleated Newspaper Dress

This American designer, who has dressed the likes of Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, and Natalie Portman, and co-host of the immensely popular The Fashion Show took on the USA Today challenge to turn old newspapers into an elegant designer creation. The outcome was quite an impressive single-shouldered pleated dress, replete with a belt and a flower.

2. Project Runway’s Newspaper Challenge

Episode 5 of Season 6 of Project Runway, the reality show for fashion design geeks has the participants face a “newspaper dress challenge,” to come up with a dress design worthy of keeping them in the game within one day, and be judged by guests Tommy Hilfiger, Eva Longoria and Zoe Glassner.

3. Jolis Paons Phonebook Dress

This one is strictly not a newspaper dress but one that deserves to be mentioned just for it fierce lines and forms. Capitalizing on the phonebook’s uniform dual tone and solidity, Jolis Paons made this as a project for her Creative Process class.

4. Hallie Erdahl Newspaper Dresses

This teenager from Lake Mills,Iowa has been consistently impressing the judges at the Winnebago County Fair for the last few years with her newspaper dresses.

5. Photographers Dress Up Models In Newspaper

It would appear that creative photographers have been doing a bit of dress designing too. While not much detail of the design aspect can be judged from the glamor photography, they do make for innovative ways of using newspaper as clothing.

Granted, many of these experiments are not suited for wearing even in the most unconventional of settings, but it is the innovativeness and the application of creative principles that make these designs stand out. Next time that you finish reading your newspaper, don’t just toss it aside. It might just become the next show stopper.