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5 Most beautiful forests of China

Tianshan Mountain Xueling Spruce Forest

China, one of the world’s oldest civilizations, is famous for its cuisine, diverse traditions and rituals, and is also among the top travel destinations in the world. One more thing that adds a spark to the country’s glory are its beautiful forests. We have picked some of the best amongst them. Read on for our list of the five most beautiful forests in China:

1. Shunan bamboo forest:

Shunan Bamboo Forest

Situated at the southwest of Liantian mountains, this forest borders the Changing and Jiangan Country of Yibin City. It covers an area of 120 square km, elevating from 600 to 1000 meters. The central region is covered with 5,000 hectares of tall and upright bamboos (Nanzhu in Chinese). It shelters some 28 high and low ridges and 500 small and big hills. Because the area is surrounded by such big and tall bamboo trees, it was named ‘Bamboo Sea’. The Shunan forest is home to a vast variety of local animal species and precious plants. The best time to visit this forest is in the months of May and August.

2. Tianshan Mountain Xueling spruce forest:

Tianshan Mountain Xueling Spruce Forest

The Tianshan Mountain Xueling spruce forest is one of the oldest existing forests on the Tianshan Mountains that is said to be over forty million years old. The snow bearing cold winds from Siberia arrive in the latter half of October and then the whole forest is converted into a pristine winter land, blanketed in silence. The most striking aspect of these forests are the 60-70 meter tall spruce trees. No wonder it is called the ‘sky gazing tree’. July, August and September are the best months to witness the majesty of this geological wonder.

3. Jianfeng ridge tropical rainforest

Jianfeng Ridge Tropical Rainforest:

The first national forest park of Hainan province is situated at the southwest of Hainan Island. The rainforest covers four hundred square km in area. The heavy forest cover insures a steady 19 degree Celsius temperature in the Centre District, earning it the title of ‘cool mountain of hot island’. This is an enchanting tropical rainforest with home to 449 kinds of butterflies. Since it’s located in the tropical belt, the forest is in its glory throughout the year.

4. Libo karst forest:

Libo Karst Forest:

Also known as the Libo Maolan Karst Forest, this wooded area is situated in Libo county of the Southern Guizhou province. This lush virgin resource is a hot bed of biological activity. Already sheltering 2,000 plant species found in the reserve, some forty new specimens have recently been discovered here. The forest is covered with karst peak clusters, the name given to a close cluster of limestone hills, which make it utterly beautiful. It is considered one of the best preserved forests with features of the subtropical zone in it. Spring, summer and autumn are when the forest will most willingly disclose its mysteries to you.

5. Xishuangbannan tropical rainforest:

Xishuangbannan tropical rainforest:

Designated a World Biosphere Reserve in 1993 by UNESCO, this striking forest is located in Yunnan Province’s Dai prefecture. A beautiful river, Lancang, flows through the forest. Considered as extremely scenic, this forest is blessed with a vast variety of plant species. All these conditions combine to give it the name of a ‘wildlife kingdom’. Ideal for family holidays, you can visit this paradise any time of the year.

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