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5 Concept cars designed for a wet, globally warmed world

concept vehicle for warmed environment

Predictions made by renowned geologists and scientists reveal that in a couple of decades, our planet would be so crowded that not only would there be no spare land for people to live on, transportation from one place to the other would also become difficult due to traffic congestion and overcrowded roads. Global warming would be at its peak, due to the continuous melting of snow caps and glaciers, making life horrible due to the calamities of nature on man. However, in a conscious effort to combat this situation, car engineers and technologists all across the globe have come up with specially designed and conceptualized cars which would not depend on fossil fuels or available road space to ply on. Though whimsical and unrealistic according to some, these designs are capable enough to face the challenges of nature which the world might have to face in the near future.

1. IPSE concept

IPSE concept

Using the ‘cutting edge display technology’ and inspired by the logo design of Volkswagen, this car concept is highly amphibious and delusional, capable of moving on land as well as under water. A giant circle in shape encircled within a mesh-like frame, this car, when stuck in traffic jams on the road would enable its occupants to visualize scenic beauty instead of packed vehicles and jammed lanes and while submerged in water, it would visualize other vehicles as sea creatures. Using the exhaustive transformation mechanism and with stored data base, along with its capacity to generate new data by a combination of other factors, the entire concept seems to be highly unique and unrealistic.

2. Gibbs aquada concept cars

Gibbs aquada Concept Cars

Using the amphibious sports car concept, Aquada from Gibbs Technologies has come up with this extraordinary concept of a car which would impart a sports-car-like feel both on land and on sea. With a high speed range of upto 100 mph on road and 30 mph over water and a V6 engine which is connected to the fully-enclosed jet propulsion system while on water and supported by a 4 speed automatic transmission, this car takes just 6 seconds to translate itself into a marine vessel from an on-road going sports car. A three-seater vehicle, with the driver’s seat affixed at the center, all in a row, this car has no doors and has been facilitated with a Bimini top and to meet its high-speed levels, its outer body has been carefully encased and supported by a metallic frame. As a matter of fact, a real version of it has already been introduced in the U.K.

3. Audi ASQ

Audi ASQ

A futuristic car conceptualized for the year 2040, when nature would show its arrogance in the form of global warming in a more drastic manner, this car has been designed and created by Juyoung Kim to deal with the problem of rising sea-water levels as it would travel on land and even under water. Having the capacity to accommodate 3 people, it has a transparent upper cabin which encloses a windscreen, roof, rear window and rimless side windows and see-through floor panels to enable the occupants to have a view at the sea creatures below. The engine of this vehicle runs on hydrogen which extracts its required power from batteries charged through electricity. While on land, it uses the Audi’s quattro all-wheel-drive system and while in water, uses water jet propulsion technology, just like a jetski.

4. Icona concept

Icona concept

Conceptualized and designed by Juan Pablo Bernal P for the year 2050 and sponsored by GM Europe Design Center Adam Opel GmbH, this sporty looking vehicle with retractable wheels is an answer to an over-populated future ahead of us as it can move on land and in water. Keeping in mind, the deteriorating state of the environment, this car is absolutely eco-friendly as it uses natural sources of energy powered by zero emission electricity and wind power, whereby electricity is furnished through solar panels by retractable sail. Although this car has the facility to accommodate only one adult and one child, it comprises of a host of physical activities to be indulged in by both, parent and child, while on board, thus strengthening the bond between them.

5. sQuba


Inspired by the 1977 James Bond hit and its fantasy brought to life, this car is the first ever underwater submarine car, designed by a swiss company named Rinspeed. It has the feature of driving on road and at same time diving upto 10 meters under the sea just by the push of a button, using the cutting edge technology. This car consists of a steel chassis and is absolutely light weight with its bode panels crafted out of nano tubes. A 2-seater vehicle, it is a zero emission eco-friendly invention which runs on electric motors on road and while underwater, two propellers and jet drives drive it through water. It also has on-board oxygen supply facility for both its occupants. This unique and stunning concept would be presented at the Geneva Motor Show.

All the above creative and innovative concepts have been designed to relieve the world from the evil clutches of global warming and its after effects, but are they practical and realistic enough remains a mystery.