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5 coolest examples of solar energy generating clothes

Solar energy generating clothes

This summer go green by sporting a variety of apparel that actually generates energy from the sun’s heat and stores it for alternative uses. So, next time you head outdoors or decide to spend time soaking in the sun, make sure you wear the solar bikini or a solar dress and create your energy for charging your phone and laptop! The sun is a vast source of energy which is yet not exploited to its fullest. If we all start doing our bit towards environmental goodness, perhaps by wearing clothes that harness solar power, then the world will surely become a better place to live in. Here are five fabulous ideas for apparel that are fitted with solar harnessing mechanisms and yet look trendy and cool!

1. Solar powered bikni

Solar powered bikni

The solar powered bikini is perhaps the most innovative and also the most apt for generating solar energy as it is the most ‘exposed’ to sunlight! Invented by Andrew Schneider, this solar powered bikini was a part of his ‘iDrink Project’. Now all the bikini babes can go right ahead and charge their iPods, cell phones and other gadgets by using the solar cells that get charged while they wear this two-piece attire. It looks aesthetic in appearance as it has a very shiny look, comfort might be a factor, but that doesn’t seem to be a huge problem. Now, the next time you run out of battery of your phone, all you’ve got to do is find a solar-powered bikini girl and your phone will be recharged in no time!

2. Solar-powered necktie

Solar-powered necktie

This one is for the men who enjoy wearing neckties when going for work. However, for most men who prefer to stay in casual wear, neckties can only be worn for two occasions, for bank visits and funerals. However, for the men who enjoy their neckties, this invention by the researchers working at Iowa State University is a novel one as it is made out of solar fabrics and also contains a pocket that you can use for storing your cellphone or camera. However, the only drawback of the tie is its big size, particularly the width of the tie. Crafted out of a solar fabric called Powerfilm that has been used for military and roof applications, this necktie does appear way too large!

3. Solar Powered Hat and Gloves

Solar Powered Hat and Gloves

The solar-powered hat and gloves were amongst the top winning entries at the Green Life Contest organized by DesignBoom. This novel solar-energy generating apparel is the brainchild of Yiran Qian from Germany. These wearable pair of gloves and hat is very aesthetic to look at and the solar cells have been incorporated onto the apparel as a snowflake design which looks wonderful.

4. Day-For-Night Solar Dress

Day-For-Night Solar Dress

This solar-powered mini dress is the perfect sleek attire for all the uber-chic girls out there! You can team this dress with some tights or simply wear it as it is and steam the dance floor. This dress is a creation by Despina Papadopoulos from Studio 5050. Now you can look stylish and also go green by producing your own energy. The Day-For-Night Solar Dress is fitted with 448 circuit board white tiles that can have solar cells, photocells or LEDs attached to them. The whole dress is then connected to a micro-controller. The dress has a chainmail look with the tiles connected to each other with metal rings forming a circuit board whereas the black solar tiles are responsible for harnessing the energy for charging the batteries. This is a trendy way to go green this summer with the chic solar dress!

5. Solar Powered Jacket

Solar Powered Jacket

The solar-powered jacket is a creation by Ermenegildo Zegna and is very aesthetic and comfortable way to recharge your batteries. The jacket can come in various colors and is fitted with solar/photo cells along the jacket collar. The design is very stylish and cosmopolitan and this is sure to be a hit with most!