5 coolest green accessories for your iPhone

5 coolest green accessories for your iPhone

Everyone is going green these days and working on cutting down their carbon footprints. There are plenty of environmental enthusiasts who would do every possible thing to save our mother nature. Still, there are few people who get lazy when it comes to do something about the environment. Although, there are few easy eco friendly items you can use to contribute in making the planet a bit greener. In this article, we’re listing down 5 coolest green items to accessorize your iPhone.

1. Surge hybrid solar charger for iPhone

5 coolest green accessories for your iPhone

Surge hybrid solar charger is a smartly designed charger with solar panel technology for iPhone to power it literally anywhere under the sun. It features an internal battery for your iPhone to draw, whenever needed. If the sufficient light is provided, the integrated solar panel charges the internal battery. At times, when enough light is not available, the fallback option is provided by an USB port. This smart solar charger automatically charges your iPhone, and also reserves the power for an emergency. The built-in thermal sensor automatically stops charging to prevent your iPhone from overheating.

2. Marware eco runner case for iPhone

5 coolest green accessories for your iPhone

Marware eco runner case is a very innovative eco friendly item. It not only helps our planet to stay fit and green, but also helps health conscious people stay in figure. It is made from a neoprene like material which is more durable and less toxic which makes it a true eco friendly item for your iPhone. Even, the adhesive used in the straps of the case is non toxic. The best part of this case is that it can also be worn on your upper hand while exercising. It secures your iPhone while you work out.

3. Biodegradable 3G/3GS iPhone case

5 coolest green accessories for your iPhone

Biodegradable 3G/3GS iPhone case is made from an advanced eco friendly transparent material, known as EcoPure that allows for the real beauty of your iPhone to be visually observed and admired. It comes in magnificent transparent colors with a glossy finish. It is highly durable, gorgeous case that adds spunk to your iPhone without releasing any sort of carbon content in the environment.

4. Eco nique Napa leather cover case

5 coolest green accessories for your iPhone

If you take climate change seriously, but at the same time, want to accessorize your iPhone with a good looking, soft and durable case, Eco nique Napa leather cover case is just for you. It is the world’s first climate positive and eco friendly leather case. It emits less than zero carbon emission, and is hand made from premium quality of soft Napa leather. Even the packaging of the case is done using eco friendly materials.

5. Incipio eco case for iPhone 3G

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Do you want a simple and sober looking eco friendly case for your iPhone? Decorate your iPhone with an easy, durable case made from eco friendly products. The case offers minimalist single piece design that makes it quite stylish and shields the iPhone 3G maintaining a classic profile.

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