5 Easy to Follow Home Improvement Tips to Minimize the Use of Energy at Home


A lot of households have started taking the initiative to reduce their energy consumption in the light of warnings about global warming and climate change. There are several ways in which you can adopt the greener route in your home by reducing the amount of energy it consumes on a daily basis. Check out these rather simple home improvement tips that will help you minimize your home’s energy consumption.

Unplug Appliances that are not being used

A lot of us tend to keep the appliances plugged into the sockets even after using them. These appliances have a standby mode that makes them consume energy even when they are not being used. So ensure to unplug all appliances that are not being used in your home. This will reduce energy consumption to a great extent.

Choose Energy Efficient Appliances

Some household appliances like the refrigerator run nonstop. These appliances can consume a lot of energy in the long run. A way to utilize these appliances to their fullest while still reducing the energy that they consume is to opt of energy efficient appliances. Energy efficient electric heaters, refrigerators, washing machines and dish washers, etc. can help you get your household chores done easily without consuming too much energy in the process.

Use Power Strips

A power strip can help you switch off several electric devices at the same time without the need to switch each of these devices individually. You can also opt for smart power strips that cut off power to all secondary devices once the primary device is shut off. Some power strips also come with hot sockets that allow one device to charge while others are switched off even if they are plugged into the strip. Thus, using a power strip at home can help you reduce the energy consumed by devices that are in sleep or standby mode.


Opt for Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling Options

There are several ways to heat or cool your home without using too much energy in the process. When it comes to heating, options like installing ceiling fans, insulating the ceiling and roof, closing doors and windows while the air conditioner is on, shading the windows and turning on the air conditioner early can help you save loads of energy while keeping your home cool. During winter, draught proofing doors and windows, sealing the chimney with dampers, using energy efficient electric heaters, and using programmable thermostat controls, etc. can help your house warm while consuming less energy.

Use Electricity Monitor Meters

Installing an electricity monitor meter in your home can also help you save the amount of energy consumed by your house. The meter will help you find out the exact amount of electricity consumed by each of your appliances, thus allowing you to track and control your energy consumption wisely.


There are plenty of ways to reduce energy consumption in the house without necessarily compromising on your lifestyle. These easy to follow tips will help you transform your home into a greener abode in no time at all.


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