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5 Eco friendly bags for better environment

Say no to both plastic as well as paper bags. Be environmental friendly and support nature by doing your part in minimizing pollution. Many of you know the adverse effects of plastic bags, however some of you might not be aware of them. Let us understand the evils of plastic bags. Although it is claimed that plastic bags can be recycled, the question is how many do get recycled? A good portion of these bags are seen to be littering on the roads, streets, mountains and even the water bodies. Plastic bags in water bodies are hazardous to the aquatic life. These are not easily bio degradable and can take up to 1000 years to be broken down. Even the production of plastic bags consumes millions of gallons of oil. Imagine the amount of energy and resources being wasted while creating these plastic “evils”.

Reusable Eco-friendly bag

Reusable Eco-friendly bags: A solution

Manufactured from various qualities of cloth material and raw material, these offer the best replacement for harmful plastic and paper bags. All you need to do is a onetime investment and purchase a set of these environmental friendly products. In doing so, you play your part in preventing plastic evils from dominating. The production of these materials also consumes energy, but being a onetime production, it does not consume as much energy like its counterpart. Many of these bags are made from renewable and bio degradable sources like cotton and jute. Five commonly available variety of Eco friendly bags are listed below.

1. Recycled bags: Recycled zippered meeting tote

Materials like plastic bottles are recycled and transformed in tote bags. This is a very good way to be Eco friendly. These bags are made by recycling bottles and other such materials which are usually disposed off in the garbage or discarded after use. The zippered meeting tote is made from recycled matter. The main compartment has a zip. Front pen loop. 11″ drop handle height. It comes along with an Eco smart educational hang tag. US certified. It is created from 8-10 plastic bottles and is reusable for up to 3 years, can be hand washed and has a carrying capacity of 40 pounds.

2. Sustainable bags: Jute tote A181

They are strong and durable material. They increase the load bearing capacity of the bag. Closely woven and knit, this provides strength in the material. By purchasing this bag, you can re use it multiple times. If properly maintained, they last up to 5 years or more. This sustainable product uses the raw material in the form of natural jute fiber. It has a unique bamboo etched Eco one button. The handle can swing at 30º and the front pocket is colored.

3. Organic bags: Eco one organic cotton tote A250 Org

These bags are bio degradable since they are made out of organic raw materials. Even if they are discarded after use, they will not harm the land and ocean mass. They will decompose with time as they are naturally degradable. These bags can be used to carry grocery or clothes or any light weight items. Weighing around 3 lbs, these bags are made out of organic cotton. These are natural colored and additional features include shoulder length handles and accommodate a wide design. The imprint area is huge and hence it is easy to spot the logo.

4. Corner fold up tote

Weighing a mere .155 lbs and made up of nylon fabric, it can be used majorly as grocery bags. It folds into a small carrying pouch with drawstring. It is accommodated with 18” shoulder straps and is devoid of PVC content. It is CPSIA compliant and when folded dimensions reduce greatly. These bags are easy to carry and are known as re usable bags.

5. Hurley Cooper red tote

This is an inside out bag. Its attractive feature is that it is made up of canvas on one side and nylon on the other side. You can turn it inside out to get a different material! It is a very clever design and has nice embroidery to increase its aesthetic appeal. Being a tote, it is bio degradable and does not hamper the environment.

In today’s world, people are becoming more and more aware of these hazards which can damage the environment and the government is also taking various steps to prevent these “plastic evils”.

Many places have banned the use of plastic bags. Cities like New York, Seattle, and San Francisco have either implemented the ban or are in the process of passing laws in order to ban them at stores. On a global level, countries including China, Germany and Switzerland have all levied surcharges on the use of plastic bags. It is our responsibility to preserve the environment. Do your bit, use Eco friendly bags and discourage plastic bag usage.