5 eco friendly cleaning products for your green home

Eco friendly cleaning products

Cleaning and cleaning products have become a part of our life. We need it almost everywhere to keep our immediate surroundings and environment clean. However, the cleaning products that you choose are hazardous to you as well as the environment. Green cleaning techniques and products use non-toxic products that are bio degradable and environment friendly. These products are equally powerful and beneficial in all types of cleaning as compared to the toxic cleaning products. These are safer on the environment as well as humans and animals. Choosing “green” cleaning products goes a long way in protecting the environment and your home.

1. Bissell Multipurpose Deep Cleaner

Bissell Multipurpose Deep Cleaner

Bissell Multipurpose deep cleaner is effective, fast and Eco-friendly cleaning equipment. You can use this little machine on almost any carpeted surface. It comes with a powerful suction sot with a 2-3/4 amp motor that does not let the stubborn stains and spots to sink into the carpet. It uses a safe cleaning mechanism that is devoid of toxic chemicals, metals or brighteners. It is completely Eco-friendly since the parts of this equipment is also made from 100 percent recycled plastic. It is easy to set up this unit and ready for use within five minutes. Use the inbuilt hot water heater for better results. This compact cleaner is convenient and effective for small as well as large cleaning tasks.

2. Cleanwave® Sanitizing Vacuum

Cleanwave® Sanitizing Vacuum

This cleaning equipment is an anti-allergenic vacuum that efficiently eradicates dust mites, flea eggs, bacteria and host of other allergens. It completely disinfects and cleans your bed and upholstery. You can also use it on almost all the surfaces such as mattresses, carpets, rugs, pet areas and drapery. A strong suction capacity with a powerful 400 watt motor reaches and removes dirt from places that are hard to reach. You can safely eliminate bacteria, germs and viruses naturally with three 15 minute treatments using Cleanwave UV-C sanitizing vacuum. The UV-C light is powerful in eliminating most of the household bacteria and germs. It comes with a hand held vacuum, dirt container, base unit with UV-C bulb, brush and nozzle attachment. It has a 15 “power cord and weighs 5 lbs. It has a bag less container that is easier to empty and prevent re-accumulation of germs.

3. MicroPlus Floor Mop

MicroPlus Floor Mop

Contrary to the conventional floor mops, MicroPlus Floor Mop comes with long life and thick microfiber. You can wash the covers after each use. It has a swivel head and the long handle makes it easier to clean on surfaces that are hard to reach. You can use it for washing, scrubbing and dusting of walls and floors. This single, lightweight tool is an efficient cleaner.

4. ChemFree Toilet Cleaner

ChemFree Toilet Cleaner

This toilet cleaner uses special mineral magnets to kill the bacteria in the tank. It contains a non-toxic fiber called Bact-O-Bane that kills the bacteria by interrupting its metabolic function which kills them instantaneously. It also prevents growth of fungus, stains and mildew. You can use it up to 5 years, which means 50,000 flushes. You should scrub the tank first and then drop ChemFree into the tank. It is chemical free that helps in increasing the life of the tank and its parts. It effectively removes bacteria and is safe on children, pets and environment. In case you have hard water, you may require two units instead of one for an effective cleaning. It is also found to be safe on septic systems.

5. Electrolux’s Vacs from the Sea

Electrolux's Vacs from the Sea

As a wonderful initiative to create awareness about plastic pollution, Electrolux has unveiled 5 vacuum cleaners that are made of the plastic waste found in the oceans. It collects the plastic debris found in Indian, Pacific, Atlantic, Mediterranean, Baltic and the North Sea. This helps to balance the shortage of plastic that is required to build sustainable home appliances. It is currently planning to produce a limited number of vacuum cleaners out of it. This cleaner not only helps to clean the debris of the ocean but also of your home.

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