5 Best eco friendly vending machines

SmartVND vending machine

Most of the times, while making decisions, we always think about the big things. In the same way, while we are talking about making the world more sustainable, we only talk about political or professional things. Here, we forget that unless we bring a change in our day to day life, we cannot change anything. In fact, when you look at the greenhouse emissions, most of it is just to fulfill the everyday needs of people like us. Therefore, to bring a change into the world, we must first start with little things. Having eco friendly vending machines is one such great initiative that many popular companies have finally decided to take.

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5 Best eco friendly vending machines

Since the time that it was discovered that our planet is in trouble due to our wastage of it’s precious resources, everyone has been trying to figure out a way to produce things in an Eco friendly, sustainable way so as to not harm the environment. Some such discoveries and creations have changed the world whereas some are much smaller in nature. Whatever the scale, each of these creations is equally important. Here is an example of a few vending machines that are Eco-friendly. Take a look:

1. New 3D vending machines

3D vending machines

Anyone who has even visited Japan is obviously familiar with their love for vending machines. Making use of this, Coca Cola has installed 3D vending machines all over Japan and is planning to install 1500 more in the near future. These machines are completely run by solar energy and have solar panels of their own to help harness this energy. There are also LED tracking lights showing the contributions made by the machine in saving energy. The refrigeration and heating is done using non-CFC and ozone and climate friendly materials. This machine is a great step is the green way and is a true endeavor is changing the way vending machines work.

2. SmartVND vending machine

SmartVND vending machine

This solar powered vending machine has been designed by Justin Pittman and uses natural cooling techniques to minimize wastage of energy. The machine relies on in built solar panels for its functioning. The machine uses Eco friendly materials like clay coated laminated wood. These substances are then joined together using water-based adhesives that helps in the cooling of the machine and regulates the temperature of the goods being dispensed. This machine is still in the conceptual phase but is hoped to be fully functioning soon. It is ideas like these that make the world a better and cleaner place to live in.

3. Sun-powered Vending Machines

Sun-powered Vending Machines

This machine was the creation of an Anglo-Spanish firm and can be placed anywhere with sunlight as it uses solar energy for power. These S.E.V. machines are exempt from income tax due to their Eco-friendly nature. The machines do run a problem when it comes to cooling of the products inside. They have been continuously working on this and as of now they are using batteries for the night and are using wind energy for less sunny, windy areas. These machines have however been implemented very successfully all over Spain and are being used as ticket vending machines, phone booths and lighted road signs.

4. PepsiCo vending machines

PepsiCo vending machines

Soft drink giant PepsiCo has created these vending machines for sales of their soft drink using greener methods. These machines will save up to 1KWh of energy in a day. They will also use CO2 to cool the drinks instead of using regular HFCs that are extremely harmful to the environment. They are also testing other agents used to cool other machines to try and find the greenest method possible. Their goal is to make HFC’s obsolete and have been testing these machines in Washington. The machines however, still use 5KWh of energy a day and they will have to work on that for a greater impact. If this is successful, these will be the greenest vending machines in the U.S.

5. Dentsu Green Vending Machine

Dentsu Green Vending Machine

This extremely unique and useful vending machine called Chef’s farm has been created by Dentsu Facility Management Inc. This plant is used to grow your own plants indoors. The plant can harvest about 60 heads of lettuce in a day and is being sold in Japan for $90,000. The machine can break even in less than 5 years. This farm uses 12 40W CFLs to duplicate energy from the sun and is believed to be the most efficient way to grow vegetables. This truly is a green machine. The machine is being tried out to try and incorporate solar energy to make it even greener, if that is possible!

6. Recycling vending machine

recycling vending machine 1

Where does the trash that you throw away really go? It is collected in the landfills becoming a threat to the environment. By recycling everything that we possibly can, we can contribute in saving the earth from pollution. Recycling has been practiced since a decade. People have increased recycling of materials like paper, bottles, plastic to help the environment as well as to be more responsible for the generations that will follow us. With growth of technology, the modern technological objects like cell phones are also being recycled. Many environmental awareness programs that promote recycling are being held worldwide. Recycling is not just about saving the planet. Big business is backing the recycling green agenda because they know that being green can actually make you a lot of money.

Recycling vending machines have been introduced in America in which you get rewards for recycling used cans and bottles. Today’s kids will be tomorrow’s leaders. We hear this- but what do we really do about it? Teaching our kids not only to recycle today, but to continue to recycle will build an evolutionary awareness that can be shared with their communities now, in the future and may even be passed down to the next generation. But it is not an easy job to teach the little ones to be responsible and save the environment. So why not make recycling fun? YunJin Chang of Seoul, South Korea, has designed a recycling vending machine for kids.

Designer info:

YunJing Chang has built an RCV recycling vending machine that is a child driven design. The RCV is recycling vending machine that offers a vitamin candy every time a kid does the recycling of any product like plastic bottles, cans or any other thing. This will promote recycling among kids and will also provoke them to save the environment, as they would love to receive a price in form of vitamin candies with every object they recycle.

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