6 eco health resolutions that are easy-to-keep

indoor garden

If you New Year’s resolutions for 2013 included going green and working in becoming healthier, then you have got to try these amazing eco health tips that help you go green and gain health at the same time.

1. Eat organic and locally grown foods

Eat organic and locally grown foodsLocally grown organic food is beneficial to you and the planet on many levels- a) they don’t contain traces of chemical fertilizers, b) their cultivation doesn’t dump unnatural chemicals in the ground, and c) hundreds of kilos of CO2 emissions were not released into the atmosphere to transport it to your local market.

2. Go meatless once a week

Go meatless once a weekIf going vegetarian or vegan is too taxing for you, you may try skipping meat from your meals for one whole day a week. For your meatless day, you can include other protein sources in your meals like eggs, soybeans, lentils and cottage cheese to give your health and planet saving efforts a big boost.

3. Make an effort to spend more time outdoors


Sitting at home in front of the telly or a computer actually means that you need to have the air-conditioning systems, water and electricity on even when you aren’t doing anything. Plus, you are basically immobile through the day as well. To avoid this, just make an effort to get out of the house and take a walk, visit tourist spots in your city or pursue a hobby.

4. Take the bus or ride your bike

ride your bike

If your home and office are located within walking distance from a bus stop, you should try skipping driving for your commute. This will save you lots of money in fuel costs while leaving you with spare time to catch up on your reading or networking. If you are fit enough, you can also try riding a bike to work and back and save up on fuel and gym membership costs!

5. Be insured

Be insuredDespite doing our best to stay out of harm’s way, life may become so very unpredictable at times. So, make it a point to get yourself insured this year by opting for a life insurance policy. Even if you think you’re fit enough to survive decades healthily, it’s in your best interest to cover yourself against any adverse situations. After all, you can always sell your term life insurance policy later if you think you don’t need it anymore.

6. Create an indoor garden

indoor garden

Studies have shown that thanks to extensive use of electronics and chemical products, the air inside homes may be more toxic than the air outside. To purify indoor air, you can create an indoor garden. Maintaining it will provide you with a new hobby while it silently cleans the indoor air.

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