5 Green Initiatives Around the Office

Green Initiatives Around the Office

2021 has been a hectic year for the whole world. Despite the pandemic getting everyone stuck indoors, the environment around us continued to deteriorate as the effects of climate change have shifted the course of the ecosystem with detrimental effects.

Businesses are now seeing the importance of sustainable business practices around the office. Sustainable business practices are heading companies, and leading them to set an example to their employees and their consumers on proper eco-friendly practices to keep the earth alive.

Here are five green initiatives that can put wellness into your business, and you can easily integrate them into your everyday business operations. Read on to find out how you can make your business more sustainable:

1.  Maintain a clean, green workplace.

Keeping the office clean is the first step to a green workplace environment. Keeping the office clean minimizes the spread of germs and diseases around the office, contributing to a healthier working environment that stresses the importance of proper healthcare and good personal hygiene. The best way to ensure a clean workplace is through professional services.

Keep your office disinfected the green way by using safe and natural disinfectants. It is best to find a professional disinfection service that works with green cleaning solutions, or understands how to properly handle strong disinfectants to avoid getting these chemicals into the environment.

A disinfected office ensures that your workplace is sanitized, especially if someone on your team has gotten sick! Professional disinfection services can properly sanitize every inch of the workplace, which is incredibly important since the pandemic started getting people on high alert for illnesses and germs.

2.  Encourage reusable tumblers around the office.

Most offices have water coolers with disposable paper or plastic cups for employees to keep themselves hydrated throughout the work day. However, over time, these tiny disposable cups accumulate in landfills and harm the environment faster than we can get rid of them.

Instead, encourage your team to use reusable tumblers, cutlery, and dishes around the office. Encourage bringing lunch from home to reduce the amount of plastic delivery waste, and transportation costs. Take the initiative to have lunch from home at least once a week, and discourage food waste around the office as well.

3.  Install water and energy efficient systems.

Installing efficiency systems in the workplace, like water efficient and energy efficient systems, can greatly reduce the carbon footprint of your business by reducing the amount of water and energy used in everyday work. These systems are deemed efficient as they reduce usage and wastage, without compromising on the operational efficiency around the office.

Solar panels, wind turbines, and water reduction systems can be installed in the office to provide the area with energy, and manage the water usage within the workplace. These not only keep your energy and costs down, these will also help reduce the effects of your business operations to the environment.

4.  Go for clean air initiatives.

Clean air is part of creating a sustainable and green environment, and the same is true for the workplace. Clean air initiatives can be as simple as installing air purification systems around the office, to planting air purifying plants around the building in efforts to provide cleaner air around the workplace.

Additionally, employees can be encouraged to take public transportation, bicycles, or carpools to reduce the carbon footprint from gas emissions of private vehicles, as well as reducing the amount of pollutants that get into the air as part of the office clean air initiatives.

5.  Create a stress-free work management system.

Besides the physical wellness in your office, the emotional and mental wellbeing of your employees should be part of your green initiatives as your office creates a stress-free workplace. When employees have less stress on their minds, they are more likely to join in on the green initiatives around the office than when they are clouded with workload and deadlines.

Creating a stress-free workplace is not always 100% achievable, but minimizing the workload, and managing deadlines is a great way to keep a healthy work environment for all employees. The result would be an office where employees have the passion for their job, and the care for how the business affects the environment around them.

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