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5 green products designed to produce water from air

Water from air

Uncontrolled environment degradation has made researchers come up with a calculation which states that by the end of the year 2025, 50% of the world’s total population is likely to face shortage of fresh water and about 75% may face scarcity of water. If water usage isn’t controlled now, this could lead to an international water crises or cause irreparable damage to living beings. Environmentalists are urging people to save water all over the world; governments are concerned and are trying to save water by recycling waste water. Unfortunately, treating sewage and sea water and extraction from mines won’t be enough in the future. And while some are aiding the trouble by indulging in massive wastage, a few others are working very hard to avoid this foreseen disaster.

Curious designers around the globe have come forward with inventions which may open the gate to new possibilities. They’ve shown that the thirst of millions can be served just by treating humid air. Take a tour; you might want to spare a moment in appreciation.

1. Watermill


Watermill, developed by Element Four, is a classic example of what to expect in the future. The gadget is designed to generate fresh drinking water from humid air. The company claims that it will be able to generate about 3.2 gallons of drinking water every day! This will be enough to feed a family of six.

The device can easily be installed indoors; it is designed to produce water in less exposure. Watermill first extracts water from the air and then filters it to make it fit for consumption. The machine is also very cost effective and will be priced at just 11 cents per gallon of water. This is exactly the kind of solution which just might save our future.

2. Raincloud


The product Raincloud C-15, as the name suggests, is a kind of dehumidifier that can generate fresh drinking water from humid air. Cleanworld Ltd. is working towards greater benefits by launching this product which can make sure you get fresh drinking water as well as live in dehumidified air.

The classy device can also offer you the option of cooling or heating the fresh water produced, so you can use a glass of chilled water to refresh yourself or hot water for a nice cup of tea. Whatever you need. But though very useful, Raincloud C-15 might be an expensive buy.

3. Due Drop

Dew drop

This is an invention that works on the principle of condensation to water plants. Due Drop, designed by Jacky Wu, claims to always keep water available for your indoor plants. All you have to do is place the device in a flower pot and connect it to a power source. You won’t need to water your plants ever again. The gadget, which looks like an artificial leaf, is capable of extracting water from air to make sure your plants live long and never run out of water.

4. Water Making Machine

Water Making Machine

Russian designer, Alexander Syachinov, has come up with another dehumidifier design – a gadget that can absorb water from thin air and generate fresh drinking water. The Water Making Machine is even capable of extracting water from low humid air by stimulating dew drops. Water is collected into a vessel after condensation and then purified with ozone.

In the later stage of purification, the water is passed through carbon filters which make it pure and safe enough for drinking, also improving the taste. The device can also be installed and used for greenhouse irrigation and light industrial use.

5. Ersa


This concept is definitely worthy of all the appreciation it has received. Scott Norrie bagged the Australian Design award for this brilliant and futuristic gadget. Ersa is a transportable, renewable source of water and power for remote areas. It is a standalone which uses the integrated power of solar cells. Utilizing renewable energy of 30W solar modules to create water, it allows solar power to be used in charging portable devices like mobile phones. The device also enables users to trickle charge a vehicle’s battery.

Though a renewable resource, the rate at which water is being used makes it an almost non-renewable one. Such concepts and gadgets could very well be the breakthrough we need to ensure water sustainability.