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5 green products for green homes

Green products for green homes


The word Green has become so popular that everybody out there wants to try their hands on it. And for this reason, people around the world go for opting green technology. Green home products have come out to be one of the most popular, eco-friendly products which most people around the world prefer. People want their home to be equipped with green products as their appeal is completely beyond other home products.

Also, reason for opting green products is their durability and the eco-friendly looks that leave an impression on the viewers. People looking for eco-friendly home products might find these green products very much essential and handy for their homes. So, here is a list of green products that have become a rage across globe and every next person wants to have them in their cupboard:

1. Eco-chic Shift refrigerator for green homes

Green refrigerator

One of the basic needs of house is refrigerator which keeps the food and other products fresh. This green product called as eco-chic Shift refrigerator is one such product every family would dream to own. It helps you in saving your electricity bill as it operates on low power and is available at affordable price. The refrigerator is divided into sections so that it does not affect the cooling of the freezer every time you open it. This is its major advantage over other refrigerator available in market and so making it a hot bid across the world.

2. Christoph Thetards eco friendly food processor Con

Food processor

Designed by Christoph Thetard, this Green technology inspired food processor is the most energy saving product in the market until date. It helps in reducing the environmental effects as it is made out of eco-friendly products. This foot-pedal-powered product is built for multi-use operations in your kitchen. The green food processor is equipped with coffee grinder, blender and kitchen machine attachments. The huge pedal of the device makes work simple and fun to do as it reduces mechanical energy wasted on doing the job. The pedal makes 400 rpm and generates 350 watts of power per minute, which helps in reducing the electric bill.

3. Electrolux Clothing Extruder

Clothing Extruder

Next innovative product on the green list is the clothing extruder from Electrolux. This unique concept recycles clothes in order to preserve the amount of energy and water to be used. It also preserves the quality of the fabric with extensive care and comfort. Designed by Electrolux, this ultra-futuristic product is what the world is waiting for as it is capable of recycling clothes an unlimited number of times. All you have to do is to feed the required design and you get a recycled fresh new piece of the same fabric you inserted. It is a complete value for money product the world is waiting for.

4. Orbital washing machine

Orbital washing machine

The Orbital washing machine concept is completely an eco-friendly concept that focuses on saving the amount of energy and water used while washing your daily use clothes. Nicely washed clothes add to your personality when you move around wearing them. This machine never disappoints on the quality of wash it provides. Washing machines are one of the high-energy consuming home appliances that most people are afraid to keep, but this green washing machine is different as it saves lot of energy due to its low energy consumption capability. The two drums of the machine are of spherical shape that provides a faster and energy efficient wash every time.

5. Electrolux Ultra Silencer Green vacuum cleaner

Ultra Silencer Green vacuum cleaner

The Electrolux is back again with another green home appliance. The Ultra Silencer Green vacuum cleaner is made out of 55 percent recycled plastic and is among the most used eco-friendly home appliance. Powered with latest green technology, the vacuum cleaner makes no noise while it is functioning. It consumes 33 percent less energy when compared to other normal cleaner in market and hence is rated as one of the most energy-efficient cleaner available in the market. As it is made out of recycled materials, the only color available for the product is Black. Powered with a motor of 1,250 watts the cleaner emits only 71 db of noise. So, this ultra silencer cleaner is worth of keeping in stock for its energy-saving capabilities.