5 Hybrid trikes for an efficient, low emission commute

Hybrid trike

Due to urbanization, our cities are getting larger and are supposed to carry much more people. As a result, the living space as well as traffic area is running short. Bicycles have always been considered the best mode of transportation as people like individual transportation. But there is a need to modify bicycles and addition of a third wheel to bicycles not only enhances safety, but also improves handling on coarse landscapes. Moreover, extra wheel adds some more space which can be used for a second seat or a shelter for rainy days. Here is a list of 5 hybrid trikes for an efficient low emission commute.

1. Silhouette Hybrid Trike Harvests Energy from Road Bumps

Silhouette hybrid trike

Designer Jake Loniak has designed a three-wheeled trike to transport you to your desired destination. It is a zero-emission vehicle and runs on an electric motor and pedal power. It is a light-weight vehicle having hybrid engine and requires no special licensing. The electricity for lighting the trike is harvested from road vibrations. The chassis and the suspension of the tricycle carry piezoelectric compound materials that convert road vibrations to electric energy. The maximum acceleration achieved by tricycle is 35 mph. A transparent shield for the safety of the driver and wheel hubs with brush-less motors are remarkable features of this tricycle and provide a comfortable mode of transportation.

2. Green Lite Motors Hybrid Trike Concept

Green Lite Motors hybrid trike concept

Green Lite Motors is a green technology oriented company, working to design a fuel proficient three-wheeled vehicle. Though classified under the category of motor bikes, this trike exemplifies solidity of a car with improved performance and enhanced safety provisions. It is a two passenger vehicle with hybrid gas engine and low emission motors. The highest speed achieved is 85 miles/hr and is well synchronized for long drives as well as short spurts in overcrowded city. The vehicle is wrapped in a steel roll cage, four-point safety seat belts and airbags for safety purpose. Sound system and other user-friendly activities make the ride comfortable.

3. Swee’s Bio-Hybrid Trike

Swee’s Bio-Hybrid Trike

Swee owns a garage and he has made his garage renowned for green products. He has made bio-diesel bikes and trikes powered using hybrid engines. His next plan is to design a bio-hybrid bike and he is almost ready with its prototype. His new design looks like an ATV and has bike engine. This engine works partly on electricity and partly on bio-fuel. The trike will be powered with a 48 volt forklift motor and will provide an easy and Eco-friendly mode of transportation.

4. T.Rover Hybrid Trike

T.Rover Hybrid Trike

Mechanical engineer Brian West has designed a 1000 cc V-twin engine trike and dubbed it as T.Rover. Unlike traditional trikes, this trike incorporates two wheels in the front and one at the back. Stylish back and fascinating design adds to the exquisiteness of the tricycle. There is a dual hybrid setup to power motorized front wheels of trike. For steering the trike, handle bars with pull and push mechanism are fitted at ergonomic position to suit the driver. Main seat can be extended to accommodate another passenger or for extra storage capacity. The styling of vehicle accentuates comfort level of the users and its functionality reduces emissions and offers green ride around the city.

5. Mitka Trike

Mitka Trike

Dutch Corporations, Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research and the Delft University of Technology have worked together to create an Eco-friendly trike named as Mitka Trike. The vehicle is powered using a battery pack capable of running the vehicle up to 22 miles at 15 mph. The most remarkable feature of this trike is that additional energy could be generated using human power, which could enhance the speed and distance covered by the trike. A pair of in-built pedals is provided which accelerates the top speed up to 22 mph and increases the distance covered. The removable palm-top has been incorporated on the dash to provide data and information to the rider. Tilted seat arrangement gives pleasure of bike riding. Adjustable windscreen and retractable roof add to the comfort and safety of the rider.

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