13 Incredible ways to harness kinetic energy to generate power

Incredible ways to harness kinetic energy

The potential uses of kinetic energy are limitless. One of the most innovative ways to utilize kinetic energy is in the generation of electricity. A lot of innovative solutions using the same concept have also sprung up of late. It is creating more interest in further research in the field. Every day scientists are coming with new and innovative ways to harness kinetic energy to generate power. For instance, here are some innovative concepts for indoor and outdoor use that utilize kinetic energy in all its limitless forms.

13 Incredible ways to harness kinetic energy to generate power

For years now, we have been on the forefront of discovering different ways to harness alternate, renewable sources of energy for our day-to-day operations. While most if not all of these projects concentrated on harnessing solar, wind and hydro-power, recent advancements have led to the discovery of other potential sources of energy that could also be tapped to produce electricity for our daily needs. Case in point: Harnessing kinetic energy to produce electricity. Let us look at some incredible ways to harness kinetic energy to generate power

1. Kinetic Floors

Kinetic Floors

Imagine being able to generate electricity with nothing but your footsteps. That’s exactly what kinetic floors are all about. These floors come fitted with sensors, batteries and circuits beneath which absorb the kinetic energy generated from your footsteps and use the same to generate electricity. A single footstep is known to generate 7 Watts of power. Imagine the effect of thousands of footsteps on these floors every day which can produce enough electricity to power off grid locations around the world.

2. Energy Generating Office Desk

This seemingly like an ordinary looking office desk and chair come with a thermo-electric generator. It can monitor as well as absorb your movements and convert the same into energy. Another plus point is the desktop plant that also produces energy via the potato battery method.

3. Kinetic Home Gyms are another way to go

Kinetic Home Gyms

Working out can never be more pleasurable, especially if you know you are burning calories and generating electricity to power the gym in the process. The Cadbury House Gym in Somerset, UK has come up with such a plan to generate its own electricity.

The gym uses special equipment called ARTIS which are fitted with sensors and batteries to pick up movements from users and convert the same into usable power. Stored in batteries, this power is then fed into the building’s power supply unit. The equipment is highly energy efficient as well and use 30% less electricity than traditional gym equipment for operation.

4. EMP Power Rocking Chair

This rocking chair uses the kinetic energy generated when the chair is in motion to generate electricity. An onboard battery stores the energy, which is usable via a USB port.

5. Let us not forget Kinetic Energy Furniture

Kinetic Energy Furniture

Now the furniture in your home can do more than just carry an eco-friendly tag. It can generate electricity as well. Let’s take a few examples to understand the concept better.

6. Incredible ways to harness kinetic energy to generate power- Unplugged Desk

The unplugged Desk helps to generate electricity through daily activities like walking and sitting. Even the heat generated from the gadgets placed on the desk will help to generate power. This helps to reduce the energy bills and make the gadgets more efficient.

7. Kinetic Energy Kitchen Appliances for home makers

Housework: young woman doing laundry

For a long time now, the Bristol University has been researching about the incredible ways to harness kinetic energy through home appliances. One of the most innovative ways this is possible is through the vibrations generated from certain appliances. For example, we can harness kinetic energy through the vibrations from the kettle, dishwasher or even the washing machine.  We can also achieve the same with small gadgets like mp3 players, smartphones and even batteries. .

8. Incredible ways to harness kinetic energy to generate power through Kinetic Energy Lamps

Kinetic Energy Lamps

Since we are looking at harnessing Kinetic energy to harness power, how can we forget Kinetic lamps?  This LED glass features an hourglass design with a bulb on top and sand in the middle. The unique part of this design is that sand in the hourglass helps to generate the energy. When the sand flows from one side to another, the energy generated helps to lighten the lamp. This concept is perfect especially for those who live in areas where there are regular power cuts.

9. D’Light


D’Light is a lighting source that uses kinetic energy for its power. The light takes the form of a lampshade with a flexible honeycomb structure design that makes it transformable into more than 14 shapes. The structure comes with a pivot and handle feature which can be simply rotated in different angles to form diverse shapes, thus creating a different mood for every setting that the homeowner prefers. The direction and intensity of the light from the lamp will also vary depending on the shape you choose. A rotating feature allows the lamp to produce enough kinetic energy to power itself as well.



A partnership between NYC based EnGoPLANET and the City of Las Vegas could very well lead to the development of the world’s first ever installation of kinetic pads placed in front of the street lights in Las Vegas’s famous Boulder Plaza. The kinetic pads will harvest kinetic energy whenever pedestrians step on them and use the same to power the lights. In addition to this, the solar –kinetic street lights will also feature sensors placed on top of the LED light sources as well as sensors to provide light on demand.

Designed for futuristic smart cities, these lights are less carbon intensive and are low on maintenance. They will also come with additional features like water detectors, video surveillance, color changing capabilities, USB ports, WiFi hot spots, wireless charging stations and sensors to monitor traffic and air quality. If things go according to plan, EnGoPLANET will definitely revolutionize the way street lights around the world are illuminated in the near future.

11. Kinetic Reading Bedside Desk Lamp

Kinetic Reading Bedside Desk Lamp

This is an amazingly wonderful and creative lighting concept that utilizes the shape of the earth aka the quintessential sphere to provide illumination for your room. The eco-friendly bedside desk lamp features a sphere shaped light which has a dynamo placed inside it. The dynamo is in charge of converting the kinetic energy produced by the lamp into electricity needed by it for operation. How does it harvest kinetic energy you ask?

Well, all you need to do is spin the lamp around the wait for the dynamo to absorb the kinetic energy produced by this spinning motion. This unique method allows you to convert energy and use it right where you are without having to wait for it to be transported from half way around the world. Did we mention that by spinning the lamp, you also get to indulge in some healthy exercises for your hands as well?

12. Touchpot


The Touchpot is another innovative lighting solution that uses kinetic energy for its operation. It features an artificial plant pot and artificial leaves. These leaves can be moved by the wind or by hand, and can be rotated in any direction that you please. The kinetic energy produced during these movements (when you move the leaves manually or place the pot outdoors to move according to the wind) are harnessed by the pot and converted into electricity energy which is stored in an onboard battery.

13. Kinetic Lighting Concept by KownKinam


This magnificent lighting concept by Kwon Kinam makes use of the laws of magnetic repulsion to harvest kinetic energy which in turn powers the light. It is a known fact that the same poles of a magnet repel each other. The lamp features magnetic leaves on both sides which are fitted with magnets.

A pendulum in between the leaves contains a magnet of the same polarity as the former. When the pendulum nears the leaf, the repulsion action causes it to swing backwards towards the other leaf where the same repulsion action occurs. This results in a constant swinging motion which generates kinetic energy that can be harvested into electricity to power the light.


Research is underway to harness kinetic energy from everyday activities and movements to generate electricity. These examples are clear indications of incredible ways to harness kinetic energy.  With the help of these gadgets and products, it helps to solve a lot of issues. Moreover, it also helps to reduce the energy bills drastically.

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