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5 ingenious solar powered boats for green cruises


A possible hazy picture due to the depletion of non renewable sources of energy such as petroleum and coal has forced mankind to think about adoption of alternate sources of energy such as solar and wind energy. These non conventional and of course, renewable sources offer immense benefits in the form of reduced CO2 emissions, cleaner atmosphere and protection of the ozone layer which is currently at stake. Steps in these directions can help us save our beloved home – Earth!

These steps can be taken in all aspects; many of them have already started to see a mass application. The only aspect that has remained untouched is utilisation of the solar power to push up water vessels and containers. Now, steps are being trodden even in this direction. For those who love to travel at sea and who speak of themselves to be sponsorers of a greener future, discussed below are some amazingly designed and well thought of solar powered boats.

1. PlanetSolar

Planet Solar

Made up of 38,000 photovoltaic cells, this 60 ton vessel is built in Germany at the Knierim Yacht Club in Kiel. PlanetSolar is said to be the world’s largest boat powered by the sun’s energy. The boat has the capacity to generate 103.4 KW of solar energy to power its engine. And, what’s best in it is that its engine requires as little as 20 KW to reach the speed of eight knots.

The photovoltaic cells of this 31-meter long boat have an efficiency of minimum 22 percent. This fortunate vessel has cost upto $24.4 million, an astounding statistic.

2. Sun21


Designed to make room for 60 people, Sun21, MW-Line’s solar powered boat is a shining example of zero emission and noise less boat. Also, to add to its glory, the 46 feet vessel is the world’s boat to cross the Atlantic Ocean solely on the sun’s energy in less than a month. When the sun shines at its best, the boat can reach a speed of five to eight knots.

3. Iron 23 solar-powered motorboat

Iron 23

A perfect environmentally friendly boat for vacation for a family of three! Brainchild of Carl Hagerling, the Iron 23 boat has a brilliant system that powers itself from the sun’s energy. Further, the vessel also has a washroom and kitchen. So, in case you want to freshen up or cook something exotic, you have an option for that too.

Also, you need not worry if the sun does not shine well while you are holidaying. The boat is equipped with an engine which will start when it does not receive adequate solar power or the batteries get dried up.

4. Aequus 7.0


A power pack for seven! This boat would cost its lucky owners $70, 607. But you definitely need to grudge and grumble about its cost, the benefits would justify it. The vessel is equipped with a spacious washroom, a wastewater tank and solar panels to power it by virtue of the sun. As if that were not enough, the designers of this boat have also included provision for batteries which would be charged by sunlight but would power the boat in its absence.

It is a double deckered container, the best part and probably the most unique is that it can be customized. The boat has a 4KW motor that has the capacity to a speed of seven knots.

5. Solar Odyssey

Solar Odyssey

Made up from recycled parts of boats, the recognition for designing this earth friendly vessel goes to Lemer Pax from France. Taking its roots from Manta Ray, a fabulous ray fish, the Solar Odyssey is 60 feet in length.

Its 1184 square feet of solar panels are kept in a way in which the ray would hold up its wings to glide through the water. This design not only enables the vessel to harness maximum solar energy, at the same time enhancing the output of photovoltaic panels, it also gives it the crude and exotic look of a Manta Ray. The vessel can reach up to a speed of 33 knots. Thanks to its great design and given the right energy conditions.

If you are a family of three, you are definitely entitled to enjoy the wonders of traveling on this super ray. The drive on this boat would make you an absolute fan of on-the-water solar utilisation.

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