5 Most interesting recycled building materials and houses

recycled building materials and houses

Everything in the world is recycled. The water that we are using came out of the same water that went into the ocean last year. Furthermore, even the oil that we use is, in some sense, a recycled form of the dead living materials deposited millions of years ago. However, we humans are creating a brand new problem. We are straying from the path of nature. Using natural resources, we are constructing buildings, which are almost impossible to recycle. For example, plastic itself, which we use extensively in our buildings, contributes to a large portion of our environmental pollution. In addition, we are further aggravating the problem by not using recycled building materials.

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5 – Most interesting recycled building materials

Bottles, cans, sheet rocks, tires when left to lie on the open ground give the place a messy look. One cannot imagine how beautifully these waste material can be recycled and turned into magnificent structures like temples and homes. An entire Buddhist temple was made from such waste materials. Houseboats or shipping container homes built on land serve as awesome resorts. Such waste materials if properly recycled and reused can save a lot of money and valuable resources and also help the earth become a cleaner place. Below are given some of the most remarkable recycled building materials.

1. Bottles

Bottle temple

We should not throw away the empty bottles once we are done with it. If these bottles are thrown publicly they serve as waste material and since most bottles are non-biodegradable, it is harmful from an ecological point of view. However, these bottles can be used to build beautiful houses. There is a Buddhist temple which has been created by using one million beer bottles. These structures serve as examples of how waste materials should actually be used. Houses can also be made from such bottles. Apart from this, bottles due to their transparency and ability to hold thermal mass are used in cob building to increase the day-lighting to get an effect of stained glass.

That’s not all. You can also recycle old plastic bottles to do many other creative things as well.

2. Silos

Silo House

One could have never imagined grain silos could be so useful and luxurious. Exciting structures can be built from these grain silos. These grain silos can be easily purchased and buildings can be given amazing round shapes. It gives a cheaper alternative housing scheme for people too. Modern remarkable looks can also be given. These grain silos are also very much durable and last for years without any great physical damage.

3. Cans

Can house

When John Milkovisch retired, instead of turning to golf or other professions for entertainment, he decided to use aluminum cans for fruitful purposes. He used beer cans and cold drink cans and started decorating his house. He not only used it for decorative reasons but also used it for practical purposes. Cans if not used can turn out to be a mess. Cans have high durability and thus can also be used as bricks.

4. Scrap metal

Scrap metal house

A former scrapyard owner once realized that all the metal scraps surrounding his scrapyard can be used wisely and recycled. He put his ideas to use in his own house. He made a modern metal masterpiece near Toronto. The masterpiece contained a rusted metal gate made from the old truck and galvanized steel sliding. These scrap metals can be used in various other ways like a substitute for some machine parts. It is always better to make good use of these metals than throwing them away and turn them into waste. One should just have the vision and dedication to turn these metal scraps into magnificent structures. Metal scraps if left around freely in the open can also turn hazardous so it’s always useful if they are taken care of and something innovative can be made from them.

5. Tires

Tire house

Every year millions of tires go down as waste and are landfilled. It’s better if something could be made from those wasted tires rather than just landfilling them. Tires which are no longer suitable for usage in vehicles are recycled. This process is known as rubber recycling or tire recycling. Pyrolysis can be used to turn tires into fuel gas. Many tires are also used for creative uses like in buildings. Tires are packed with rammed earth and are used as a solid building material. Buildings made from tires have a special feature. They can retain heat in winter and keep the rooms cool in the summers.

5 – Houses that use recycled building materials

1. Infiniski Manifesto House

Infiniski Manifesto House

Image Source: EcoContainerhome.Com

This lovely house has been built in Curacavi in Chile. It involves the use of recycled material. The architects are James and Mau architecture. It makes use of systems that will not pollute the environment and use of renewable energy. The house has two levels and makes use of 3 recycled maritime containers. It has natural ventilation. Furthermore, it also makes use of almost 85% recycled material like recycled cellulose, recycled aluminum, recycled iron, etc. In addition, it has a bioclimatic design.

2. Glass House

Glass House Nick Olson and LilahHorwitz

Image Source : Halfcuttea.Com

This lovely glass house of Nick Olson and LilahHorwitz has a glass wall. The main feature of the glass wall is that it has been made from recycled materials and repurposed windows. The material was collected from garages and antique shops. The main feature of this glass house is that it gets abundant natural light and if that was not enough they got what they wanted the most and that is the lovely view of the West Virginia Sunset.

3. L.A. Artist Built a House with Salvaged Materials

L.A. Artist Built a House with Salvaged Materials

Image Source : Images1.laweekly.Com

This unique house on wheels is made from pieces of steel. The windows have been made from washing machine doors. The house belongs to LA artist Moody who is rightly known as Moody the nomad. The lovely house has been made from salvaged materials like wood chips. The house has all the basic amenities like a fold up cot and a tiny sink and many other things. This lovely home of legally blind Moody is nothing less than a masterstroke.

3. Waternest 100

Waternest 100

Image Source : Giancarlozema.Com

This is a floating house which is eco-friendly. It has been created by architect Giancarlo Zema. It is a 100 sqmt unit which has a diameter of 12 meters and a height of 4 meters. In addition, it consists of recycled glued laminated timber and recycled aluminum hull. It has amorphous photovoltaic panels which generate 4 kWp power. There is a living room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom and much more. 98% of this house is recyclable. It has a low consumption of power and all the contemporary amenities are available here. This wonderful housing unit is located in London UK.

4. Reclaimed Modern home hits near net zero


Image Source : Img-3.Gizmag.Com

This lovely home which is located in Columbia in the US is made from a reclaimed material like wood, concrete, and metal. It covers an area of 3140 sq ft. In addition, it has 4 bedrooms, garage and a solar array on the roof whose main aim is zero level of energy consumption. This house has very good energy efficiency. The house has an Enviro-Dri coating on the outside. This is mainly to protect the house from moisture. The house has been insulated by triple glazing. It should be noted that the test for air tightness has also been carried out on this house.

These houses are truly marvelous innovations which have made the best use of recycled materials like construction and demolition waste. It is important that more and more people adopt the concept of using repurposed material for the purpose of building homes which will help in creating a better future.

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