5 multipurpose electric vehicles

Multipurpose electric vehicles

With increasing use of energy hopping vehicles and other devices, the pollution level is alarmingly rising; and the parking space is decreasing day by day disproportionate to the increasing rate of vehicles on the roads. In an attempt to save the burning hole of ozone layer, new ways of eco friendly transportation are happening on a daily basis. Eco friendly yachts and solar powered vehicles are surfacing every day. Some of those new, green EV inventions that could serve as multipurpose automobiles are listed below.

1. Renault Frendzy

Renault Frendzy

French carmaker Renault unveiled its Frendzy concept car just ahead of the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, on Thursday. The electrical commercial car is inspired by modern aircraft design. This is the fourth concept car from Renault design strategy addressing the different stages of human life.

The EV works as two distinct cars or you can say it has dual personality. The user can easily differentiate between the work and personal life. On one side, it has the sliding doors for work and other side features conventional doors for personal and family use. Another chief feature is the extensive customizing done on the sound this EV produces for safety reasons. It has asymmetrical doors, a cloth roof, a TV for the rear windscreen and lights that changes depending on the time of the day. There are touch sensitive pads for rear passengers where they can watch movies or play games. The touch pads slides out from the back of the driver’s seat.

2. Bug-E electric vehicle

Bug-E electric vehicle

With only 24km/h (15mph), this electric vehicle is not necessarily a public transport contender, but this is not the purpose of the designer Thomas Young behind creating this electric vehicle. It is an eco-friendly vehicle designed to work as a multipurpose transport solution.

The steering wheel of the solar powered Bug-E can be shifted to left or right side as needed. There are some universal joints, locking pins and a hydraulic ram behind the screen that allows you to shift the steering wheel. It features a modular boot system, which can change the vehicle dynamics from golf buggy to utility vehicle in seconds.

3. Urban wheels

Urban wheels

The “Urban Wheels” is a personal ride that helps you to accomplish short distance travelling, gardening, shopping, or camping. It can also cut the grass from your lawn. Designed by Siqi Liu, the transporter features an electric motor that uses the solar energy to work. The flexible body and design is able to transform the way you travel, work, and live.

The urban commuter is designed with two solar panels of 33” x 24.5”, which slide from left to right and vice versa to harness maximum solar energy. It features a removable rack or basket for your shopping, LED lighting system, a control panel and has a complete aluminium chassis.

The eco-friendly knock off is ahead if its time, but what is the problem in combining two or more products in one package?

4. MCET multipurpose vehicle

MCET multipurpose vehicle

Malaysian City Eco-transit (MCET) is a public transport vehicle that is able to provide safe and comfortable journey in the cramped and compact roads of Malaysia. Designed by Mohd Azam Abd Halim, the Multipurpose Vehicle is inspired by the Malaysian woodpecker.

The environment friendly ride comes from the Li-ion battery that is able to generate a power of 1000cc. The length of the vehicle is 3463mm, breadth 1566mm, height 1855mm and the wheelbase is 2390mm. The five-door MPV weighs 865kg.

5. M-Please-V


The economic electrical vehicle designed by Sofian Tallal made its debut at the Peugeot Design Contest of 2007. The simple and efficient car sports lightweight metal bars instead of doors. The bars can be removed manually without any mechanical and electrical systems to operate. The versatile interior of M-Please-V is water, heat, dirt, and sand resistant. It is also possible to draw back the seats allowing various seating positions; the driving console commands are attached on the rails, which rotate and also allow different driving positions.

The name of the car stands for Multi-Purpose-lightweight-economic-and-simplistic-electric-Vehicle. It can transport nine passengers with full comfort. It exposes the passengers to the environment as much as possible because sophisticated accessories and electronics are absent from the interiors.

An eco-friendly motor located under the cabin floor takes power from the batteries and moves the car, thanks to the four in-wheel dynamic-damping motor drive systems. All the mentioned features and the adventurous design will make this car a hit in the travel and tour industry.

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