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5 pedal-powered gadgets that generate renewable electricity

Power Pump recharging device

The demand for Eco-friendly gadgets have increased in the recent past. With growing awareness and concern about the environment, manufacturers have come up with some unique devices which run on either solar or wind energy. But these natural sources of energy cannot be used in bad climatic conditions. So, now a new idea of using pedal-power has cropped up as an all-time green alternative. By using these pedal-powered gadgets, you can also gain physical benefit by indulging in a little bit of daily exercise and thereby helping yourselves and staying fit. Check out this list of some wonderful pedal-powered gadgets that help in generating renewable electricity in an Eco-friendly way.

1. Pedal Powered Gadget Charger

Pedal Powered Gadget Charger

The Chinese Pedal Powered Gadget Charger LED Spotlight Combo Contraption is indeed a great device which works as a charger and gym equipment at the same time. This pedal powered gadget charger is a wonderful way to charge your music players and other similar devices in a green way when there is a dearth of solar energy. It features a high-intensity LED spotlight which is inbuilt and provides light when there is a shortage of power. It is also equipped with an USB port. This gadget is an ultimate device for your workout and will help you in developing some strong hamstrings muscles in addition to some toned biceps and triceps.

This charger comes with a price tag of 14000 Yen which is equivalent to $141.

2. OHM Charger

OHM Charger

The Ohm is a tiny Eco-gadget that works on the principle of electromagnetic induction and works as a charger for your mobiles and MP3 players. It derives its power from a running bicycle. The Ohm can be attached to the spokes of your bicycle wheels with the help of its magnets. As the bicycle moves, the magnet utilizes the power generated by the circular motion with the help of a dynamo and in the process produces charge. This charge is then stored in a 1200 mAh lithium ion battery for later use. It takes approximately 45 minutes of biking to generate the charge required to fully recharge your mobile.

This amazing and efficient gadget is very simple to use and operate and gives you a good opportunity to reduce carbon emissions and move in a green way. But there is a darker side to this awesome gadget. It is a very attractive option for thieves because of its stylish looks, good black market value and lack of a proper security system.

3. Bike-Powered Laptop Desk

Bike-Powered Laptop Desk

The Bike-Powered Laptop Desk named ‘GO’ is a unique device designed by Rizki Tarisa and made of sustainable materials like recycled and biodegradable plastics, eco-friendly paints and a sustainable manufacturing process. This green gadget run by pedal power can be used to power a laptop or a portable DVD player or some other plug-in gadgets. It can also be used as a lounge chair when you have a fully charged battery. Moreover, the adjustable laptop table matches the chair and brings your gadgets to the right place for charging.

4. RollerGen


The RollerGen is a pedal powered green charging device designed and manufactured by the High Tide Associates, based in California. This gadget can be attached to the rear wheel of your bike and when the bike moves it will generate about 30W of electrical power. This power is then stored in the BOS which is a small battery attached to it. The RollerGen can be used to charge cellphones and PMPs.

It is pretty expensive than some solar powered chargers and comes with a price tag of $495.

5. Power Pump recharging device

Power Pump recharging device

The Power Pump is a compact pedal powered cellphone recharging gadget manufactured by Orange and Gotwind for the Glastonbury Music Festival. This gadget is like a tire pump and is linked to a small wind turbine generator which helps in generating electricity from air pressure. This device is not able to recharge a dead battery but it is helpful in emergencies. It can generate enough electricity in about 1 minute when pumped to recharge a phone for a call of 5 minutes duration.