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5 most popular green products

General awareness programmes, in an effort to awakening people and instigating them towards using green products, has become a common feature with all developing nations of the world. Before discussing about green products and their popularity, it becomes inevitable to first talk about what they mean and why should we stress so much on their usage. It is very important for any nation to economically develop and grow, keeping in mind to still conserve for future generations. Earth’s biological diversity and its supporting ecological processes, along with the components of our economy and quality of life standards, which we maintain, require natural resources available with mother nature alone. However, it is sad to mention that in spite of our over-dependence on these natural products, due to excessive, consistent and careless use of these by Man to fulfill his selfish deeds, they are depleting at an extremely fast rate.

The only solution to save our planet earth is by efficiently using and conserving the sources of energy so as to save it from depleting completely, by using products that require low maintenance and consume less power, recycling content of waste elements, adopting to sustainable management practices, switching to biodegradable products made from natural renewable resources and using environmentally preferable products.

5 most popular green products

1. Eco-friendly jewelry

eco-friendly jewelry

A piece of jewelry can do wonders if you want to woo a woman. This well known thought has given rise to producers manufacturing eco-friendly pieces of jewelry, which is made from recycled silver and glass, acquired from all around the planet by the makers and created stylishly. These, not so luxurious jewelry items are gaining a lot of popularity online as they are green as well as cool, look-wise.

2. Organic lunch bags

organic lunch bag

Plastic lunch boxes have been side-lined by organic lunch bags, which, again, are selling like hot cakes. Plastic contents leave a very adverse effect on the environment as they take almost 5 centuries to decompose and break down into biodegradable resources. So, all those ‘green going’ consumers have switched on to organic bags made from recycled organic cotton. These bags can be used multi-purposely as they are good for travelling purposes, can be easily maintained and washed and are available in a variety of designs and styles.

3. Biopesticides


Natural pest control producers have in-cashed and benefited a lot over the years with organic farming spreading its wings all over the world. Being less toxic than its conventional counterparts, these insecticides are encouraging farmers to add these ‘organic-use related information’ on their products in order to gain more popularity and target a larger group of audience online.

4. Low flow shower head

low flow shower head

One of the gravest problem is associated with wastage of gallons of water while taking a bath under the shower. To come to terms with this sensitive issue and to resolve it, water efficient low flow shower heads have been introduced in the market. They are available in 1.5 to 1.75 gpm and make water conservation very simple and easy, without putting in any extra effort by ensuring optimal performance.

5. Organic baby products

organic baby products

Organic baby products, including clothes and toiletteries, have become an in-thing in the new millennium and a manufacturer has to acquire an organic certification for dealing in these. He has to make sure that his products are free from the usage of pesticides, growth hormones, genetically modified organisms, antibiotics, fertilizers, sewage sludge, irrigation or additives. The demand for these items are ever-growing in the international market as they are both baby-friendly and eco-friendly at the same time.

With more and more people associating with the ‘go green’ campaign all over the world, its better late than never to extend a hand in contributing to save our planet earth. If we, the educated class, do not come together to create awareness regarding this among the uneducated strata of our society, we are not far away from the day when we would be left with nothing to conserve or cherish. But, as it is said that one has to light his own house before attempting to remove darkness from others’ premises, we have to bring our words into fruitful action before spreading enlightenment elsewhere.