5 Prefabricated houses designed for disaster relief operations

Sommerhaus Piu prefabricated house

Prefabricated homes are no more synonymous with box like homes and could mean anything from a modular vacation home or an eco friendly country house. With new innovations and inventions everyday, designers are building more and more prefabricated houses that are good to look at, comfortable and extremely environment friendly. Prefabricated homes are unique as they allow cheaper homes to owners using modern designs. Here is the list of 5 prefabricated houses designed for disaster relief operations.

1. Week’nder: A low-energy prefabricated house

Weeknder prefabricated house

Flatpak Studio has designed a prefabricated that shall be located in Madeline Island in Lake Superior. This house uses very little energy and has a wooden frame along with many window openings and a roof made of galvanized steel. The house uses a low emission wood burning stove for heating and even the toilets have been designed to conserve water. Even the appliances used have an energy certificate hence making sure that they are all energy conserving. The design has a very natural look and makes use of all possible natural resources like more windows for cross ventilation and for better cooling.

2. Ecofabulous’ prefabricated home

Ecofabulous' prefabricated home

This model home is spread over 550 square feet and is perfect for anyone who loves the environment. The designer has paid attention to every small detail like using cork floors that act as an insulator, thus saving energy. The house also uses recycled glass for its construction. Even the home appliances are by Electrolux, an energy efficient company. Windows are placed in a way so as to maximize sunlight, again saving energy, and space has been utilized very efficiently trying to make the house look as big as possible. The designers Zem Joaquin and Jonathan Davis truly should be truly commended for this design.

3. Live Pod – A prefabricated house

Live Pod prefabricated house

Designed by MisoSoupDesign, this is a portable home that can be built on sight. The house is very eco friendly with a roof that believes in rainwater harvest, photovoltaic panels, bamboo flooring etc. The house can even be customized according to the needs of the owner. The construction of the house is very easy with easy to install features like slide on floors which can be fitted in just like cabinets in a cupboard. The green roof can work as a vegetable garden while at the same time regulating temperature as well as preventing run offs during rainfall. This idea is great for those who believe in the green movement and truly want to live it.

4. Sommerhaus Piu: Sustainable, prefabricated wooden house

Sommerhaus Piu prefabricated house

This extremely picturesque wooden house is actually a prefabricated home that is very concerned about the environment. Designed by Patrick Frey and Björn Götte, the house uses a simple wooden design to create a simple and clean look. The designers have incorporated a lot of details like the designing of the windows is done to bring in the correct amount of sunlight as well as fresh air, hence prevent the use of electricity. This low carbon home is the perfect place for a vacation for those who truly want to feel nature at it’s best.

5. Strong Flat Pack Prefabs for Haiti?

Strong Flat Pack Prefab house

Architect Andrés Duany has designed this prefabricated home using composite material, keeping in mind the requirements of Haiti, thus making this a temporary shelter for those who have been disabled due to natural elements like floods. The structure is extremely strong and can sleep up to eight people on its bunk beds. The structure will only be a few inches thick during shipment and can be assembled on site and after assembling becomes 8’2″ x 8’2″ x 19’8″. The designer has made it keeping in mind the soil of the region and has also made sure to incorporate the correct sewage system. This structure is truly great for those who need a temporary place to stay.

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