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5 Reasons Why Taking A Bus Is The Best Way To Travel

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Taking A Bus Is The Best Way To Travel

Traveling by bus is an exciting, convenient and fast way of reaching your destination. The unbeatable prices, strategically located bus stops, and the sustainable benefits to the environment make bus travel the preferred choice for many. Traveling in a state of the art luxury bus gives you the perfect experience to view and appreciate the sights as you enjoy better amenities and onboard comfort.

Why have buses become the smarter way to travel nowadays? Here are 5 reasons why taking a bus is the best way to travel.

1.   Flexibility And Convenience

Taking A Bus Is The Best Way To Travel

Probably the best reason to travel by bus is the convenience and flexibility of this mode of transport offers. Taking a bus does not require months of planning. You can buy your ticket a day or two prior to your departure and still get the perfect seat for your upcoming journey. The regular buses with convenient times and stops also make it the most suited to fit your daily commuting needs.

2.   Faster End To Journeys

Most main routes in busy cities have smart traffic signals that prioritize bus riders on the dedicated bus lanes. This saves on the travel time, thus allowing you to get through the city faster.

Compared to flight travel, taking a bus does not require setting aside a few hours to get to the airport to wait for your flight. With bus travel, you can arrive at the bus station five minutes to time and still make it to your destination early. Taking a bus with a few stops is just as fast as taking your own car.

3.   Easy Online Booking

Online Booking

Traveling by bus has been made so easy thanks to online booking. Nowadays, all you have to do is find the bus timetable, book your ticket online and that’s it. Many bus company websites are open 24/7 to receive your reservations thus allowing you to book your bus at any time.

The use of online payments and automatic payment systems also eliminates the need to queue at the booking office to make payments. Online booking is simply the easiest way to book your bus and travel.

4.   Bus Travel Is Affordable

Bus travel is one of the most economical ways of traveling. Bus tickets cost less especially when you book early or buy multi purchase tickets. Another great thing with bus tickets is that what you see is what you get. Compared to flight tickets where extra fees are charged for luggage, extra legroom and other essentials, bus tickets are all inclusive and you will not need to add anything to the original price.

5.   Bus Travel Is Eco-Friendly

Taking A Bus Is The Best Way To TravelBus travel is a cleaner and environmentally friendly mode of transit. According to the American Bus Association Foundation, buses and motor coaches are the considered the most eco-friendly form of transport.

Taking a bus also helps to reduce congestion on the road. A single bus is well capable of taking at least 55 cars off the road thereby reducing traffic jams, saving on fuel and ultimately cutting on the toxic emissions that are harmful, both to human health and the environment.


These 5 reasons prove just how awesome taking a bus can be. Bus travel is also adventurous and gives you the chance to sit back and let the driver do the rest. Need to travel from Hartford to New York? Wanderu.com may be your perfect partner to plan that next adventure.

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