5 Simple green living tips for eco conscious individuals

simple green living

The world is going all green. However, the process is slow but let us hope that the phase will be complete, soon. The world is opting for non-pollution statements, more stringent protocols for vehicular pollutions, green treaties, saving rainforests and much more. Have you ever given a thought where you stand amidst the Go green revolution? Have you ever thought what can you contribute? If not, then you can opt for green living.

Green living is a process where you connect yourself with the environment and feel the beauty every moment of your life. It is the process where you minimize the artificiality and breathe the fresh air. It is the process where you become one with the nature. So, what can you do to live this incredible life? Here are some tips for green living:

1. Simplify your lifestyle


Try using natural products. Purchasing lesser artificial items leads to lesser waste products and it further leads to a better environment. Reduce the use of disposables like if you have glass to drink water then why use a paper cup. If you need something temporarily, then ask your friends and neighbors and return it. Try going tree free in your house like go for cloth napkins instead of paper, reuse your paper stash.

2. Use recycled products

The recycle clock

Recycling and reusing is the second step toward the ecofriendly lifestyle. Try using reusable cups and plates. Try sharing things with your friends and neighbors. Donate things that you do not need to homeless and poor, so that they can use it. Try repairing instead of buying a new one. Wash and reuse plastic bags if you cannot replace them with alternate natural fiber bags.

3. Go vegetarian and save food

Save Food

To be a vegetarian is the best way to ensure the availability of food for everyone. It is a healthy habit and helps in detoxification of your body. It develops a healthy food habit with no chances of minerals or vitamin deficiency. Try buying organic foods to curb the use of insecticides. Do not waste your food. Buy only those food items which you can consume, as nature does not have any need for processed food.

4. Conserve energy and water

Save  water

The important step for a greener life is to save energy. Try not minimize the use of electricity as growing demand of electricity will lead to cutting down of more trees. Try using daylight for lighting your house. If possible, install a solar charging unit for helping you to utilize the daylight even in night. Try avoiding central air conditioning as it wastes a lot of electricity. Switching off the lights when not in use. Buy energy efficient appliances only. Similarly, water is another resource that you need to take care of. Do not waste potable water. If you have a surplus then try distributing it. You can install a rainwater harvesting system. Try avoiding a pool at your house and use your bathtub instead. Use soaked cloth instead of spraying water to wash your car and windows. Use buckets instead of showers. Close the tap when you do not need water while shaving and brushing your teeth. These little tips will let you conserve electricity and water and thus protect the environment.

5. Avoid non-biodegradable items

Save the parks

To be ecofriendly means living with your environment. Therefore, you need to protect the environment also. When you go for a trip, try gathering the non-biodegradable wastes and put them in their designated bins. Try maintaining the public parks. Try donating toward saving the wild life and the forests. Avoid synthetic rubber items as they are harmful for the environment.

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