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5 simple tips you can follow to have a green kitchen

Green Kitchens

Kitchen is a vital room in your house and if you can bring about major changes here, the whole house will go through a change. Your main aim should be in making a green kitchen that will help you implement more eco-friendly ideas in the house. Keeping the kitchen green will help you lead a healthy life and also save the earth. Following are some great ideas which will help you keep the kitchen a green place. The implementation of these ideas will not cost you much and save a lot of money which you spend buying hazardous products from the market. Instead, you can make some of these things at home and use them to have a sparkling and green kitchen.

1. Green Clean:

Green clean

Every woman likes a spic and span kitchen with no grime, dirt and oily stains on the platform and stove. You will see a lot of woman search for new kitchen cleaning products in a super market. Why go for those harmful chemical and acid based cleaners which of course do the job well but also corrode the kitchen and create an unhealthy hazard for the environment. Instead, you can use products easily available in the house like baking soda, white vinegar etc. Baking soda will remove all dried stains while white vinegar cleans glass and chrome plated utensils and table tops. You can also use lemon and salt for cleaning cutting boards.

2. Compost:


Backyard compost bins are seen in many houses. You can keep a large bin for compost even if you are living in a apartment and do not have a backyard. All shells of eggs, vegetable leaves and tea and coffee powder remains after making coffee can be thrown in these bins. If you have a large bin for compost, you can add pet waste in it as well. The dirt you remove from the vacuum cleaner can also go in the compost pit or bin. Food wastes and paper towels from kitchen make good compost. This will surely make a great compost for your garden. Some people even put in earth worms in this backyard compost waste. Earthworms are known to create a very good fertilizer for plants. You can create enough for your neighbors as well.

3. Recycle:

Recycle kitchen waste

Almost everything can be recycled to make new things. You can ask your city recycling unit for a bin and keep it in the kitchen. Throw in all the kitchen waste, besides food, which can be recycled, in this bin. The city authorities in-charge will collect. And thus, it can be recycled and used for other purposed. Magazines, paper napkins and much more can be recycled. The recycle bin can be replaced when full, by the authorities, for you to continue doing the good work.

4. Try cloth:

Cloth towels

Kitchen paper towels can be replaced with cloth napkins and these are easy on your pocket a well. Cloth napkins can be cleaned regularly to main hygiene and cleanliness. You can buy a large set of napkins available in the market or simple cut napkins from a worn out bed sheet. You can even use micro fiber cloth for a better cleaning experience. These napkins are eco-friendly and are made from bamboo. Hand towels and dish towels both can be made from cloth which are much better than paper napkins.

5. Stop leaching:

Stainless steel container

The storage system in your kitchen may be used by you since ages but that does not mean it is non-toxic. Some plastic containers can turn toxic over the years. Non-stick cooking pans and pots can start putting in petrochemicals in your food after using them for long. Sometimes, the non-breakable containers are used for long number of years and hence cause the food in it to get spoilt without your knowledge. Turn green and use stainless steel containers. Enameled iron cooking ware is also known to be a good option instead of plastic and the regular non-stick cookware.

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