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5 Best solar energy generating iPhone cases

solar energy generating iPhone cases

With the development of green technology in every field, people have started using it in developing solar devices to charge up their mobile devices. Nowadays, the basic problem of charging up an iPhone is solved by developing solar powered cases that continuously charges up the battery of your phone. The solar powered charger harnesses the solar energy using its solar panels to charge up the battery. They are quite powerful and charges up your device in just 3-4 hours. So here is a list of best 5 solar energy generating iPhone cases. Have a look:

1. Apple-Licensed iPod Solar Charger Case

iPod Solar Charger Case

This is the first Apple-licensed solar charger for iPod. The device is developed by Novothink which is known for manufacturing solar energy devices. These smartly designed charges effectively use the solar energy to charge up your device. Now you can move to places without worrying about the battery of your device as it will be charged up continuously using this solar charger.

Perfectly finished with sharp edges and slim structure, the device is a rage all over the world. People prefer using this green solar charger as it provides awesome portability to them. This solar case is also provided with a USB cable to charge up the device. With all these remarkable features, this device is worth a deal. Also, it is available in various attractive colors and is priced at $69.95.

2. The new solar powered cases for iPhone 3G

solar powered case

The iPhone 3G has a low battery backup, but you need not worry regarding this as solar charges are available in market these days. This unique solar charger is provided with solar panels over the surface that harnesses the solar energy. This case is compatible with all iPhones available in market. It can completely charge up your device in 10 hours. One full charge will work for long hours and if you are on move, then you surely need this device. The solar case is provided with a powerful 1500 mAh battery and also a scratch proof case. These solar chargers are available in both black and white colors with original leather casing.

3. Protective multimedia phone charges with solar power

Solar iPhone Battery Case

This is another multimedia phone charger with solar power. This slide and charge concept charger uses most of the energy of the sun to charge up devices in a short span of time. Compact in size, its cool looks add to the beauty thus making it hard to ignore it. All you have to do is just slide your iPhone into the case and it automatically starts charging up your device. Solar panels are mounted on the back of the case which allows continuous harnessing of energy even when you are actually using the device. You need not worry about the side effects as this device stores energy in its battery and enables charging up your device even at night. It is priced at € 49.90.

4. Novathink Solar Surge iPhone and iPod Touch Charging case

Novathink Solar Charging case

Novathink launched the much awaited iPhone/iPod solar charger and got a huge positive feedback from users. Named Solar Surge, this Eco-friendly charger is capable of charging up your device on the go. This charger uses solar energy to give your battery a boost. The stylish looks with cool colors and powerful battery makes it perfect green solar charger. It features a 1500mAh battery for iPod Touch and 1500mAh battery for iPhones. The case can also be recharged using a USB cable for portable use. Available at just $70, this device is really hard to miss and is worth keeping in stock.

5. Solar-Powered iPhone Case from Mobius

Mobius solar case

Mobius launched this solar-powered charger to meet the growing needs of iPhone users. People prefer switching to green technology, Eco-friendly devices, and this device serves you best in everything. It created big news when it was officially launched and was highly appreciated for its design and technology. It gives a boost to your battery in just 10 hours and then you are ready to move on the roads without worrying about the battery backup. Equipped with latest technology and various attractive skins, this device is what defines a classy green charger. At a price of $78, this is a strong recommendation.