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5 Sustainable alternatives of wrapping paper

Gift Wrap

It’s festive season, i.e., Christmas, New Year, and Diwali and exchange of gifts are going to start very soon. Everyone is busy in buying gifts for their family members, relatives, friends, lovers, and neighbors. It is well said that when you gift to someone, gift wrap is first thing which impress the other. You take time to buy gifts but do you take time to think about wrapping paper.

May be the answer is ‘no’ because there is a large range of wrapping paper available in market of different colors, designs, shades. Everyone loves them. They are easy to choose from a wide range and not a difficult task. But don’t you think you should also think about wrapping paper. When someone gives you gift, have you ever reused wrapping paper of that gift. If your answer in NO then be ecofriendly this year and start using some other sustainable alternatives to wrap your gifts which are eco friendly and reusable. Also motivate others to do the same so that they too start wrapping gifts with ecofriendly wrappers. Let us see some sustainable alternatives of wrapping paper with items which are easily available at your home.

1. Newspaper

Have you ever tried wrapping your gifts with old newspapers? It may sound funny for you but you can wrap gifts with newspaper. Just choose the funny, decorated, glossy or good looking newspaper pages. Wrap the gift with these pages. Stick some cartoon pictures or other decorated pictures over the gift wrap. This will make your gift wrap handmade, beautiful and ecofriendly as well. You can even tie ribbons on them. If you are wrapping gifts for kids you can stick carton pictures over them.

2. Fabric

Fabric gift wrap

Wrap paper which is made of paper may be torn into bits. You can prevent this by using fabric to wrap gift. A number of fabric pieces of different colors and of different shapes are generally available in your own house which is if no use. Use these to wrap gifts. To decorate them tie ribbons in bow shape over them or stick some artificial flowers on them to make them look impressive and beautiful. Make artificial flowers with thin strips of unused fabric and stick to fabric wrap. Fabric wrap can be used for marriage, engagements, receptions or any formal occasion.

3. Boxes

Box gifts wrap

Whenever you buy shoes, shirts, or any other items, boxes come with them. Do something creative with these boxes. Use them to wrap gifts. Place your gift in suitable size of box. Now cover it and tie ribbons on them. Stick artificial flowers or cartoons stickers on them to make them look beautiful. For kids gift wrap fill the boxes with chocolates, candies or jellies. If there is space left between box and gift item fill it will paper cuttings. This way space can be filled and your gifts item will also remain safe.

4. Old calendars

Old calender gift wrap

What you do with old calendars? Answer will be “Throw away.” But you can use these beautiful old calendars to wrap gifts. Use them as normal gift paper. They look extremely beautiful, impressive, and stylish as well. As well as there is no need to add or stick extra pictures, flowers over them. They are already complete. You just tie a satin ribbon in bow shape over it and that’s all. What can be better than this? It saves your time as well.

5. Jars or bottles

Jar gift wrap

These can be used as excellent gift wrap item. You can use them when you gift chocolates, toffees, candies to children. Just fill them with candies. Cover them with the lid. Tie ribbon at the bottle neck. That’s all your work is done. Add some carton pictures over it and a beautiful gift wrap for kids.

If these gift wrap ideas are not for you, you can make your own gift wrap. Look into your house for unused plain papers. Now start your own creativity. Draw something with colors over it. If you are good at sketching you can even try that. Add gems, stones on the plain paper and use this to wrap gift. What can be more creative than to use your kids drawing papers to wrap gift. Use paper bags, outdated maps or wallpaper samples to wrap gifts.