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5 sustainable houses made of plastic bottles

Plastic bottle house

Every year ample landfill waste is added by plastic water bottles. These water bottles, which contain juices, cokes, mineral water etc. are produced in a large quantity. What do all of us usually do of these used plastic bottles? We either throw them away carelessly without even bothering about the serious threat these plastic bottles pose to the environment. But, there are some eco-conscious people who think different and try to make something unique out of something, which might be just waste for others. Have you ever thought of reusing these discarded plastic bottles in a creative way and build houses out of them? Well, some people did and built beautiful homes out of the litter of plastic bottles. Check them out…

1. The Ecological Bottle House

This entire eco-friendly house is built out of discarded plastic bottles and compact disc boxes. Called the Ecological Bottle House, it is located at Puerto Iguazu, near the frontier between Argentina and Brazil. Alfredo Santa Cruz and his family used 1200 PET bottles and 1300 Tetra Pack cartons to construct their ecological home.the walls and ceilings of the house, and even the bed is made out of the same recycled and reused materials. Along with plastic bottles Around 140 compact disc cases are used in making the doors and windows of the house. A small children house is also made of recycled stuff as well

2. Recycled houses for the needy by Bolivian architect

Lawyer turned architect, Ingrid Vaca Diez has made an effort to help the poor and needy get a shelter. This Bolivian woman has shown the generosity to create houses out of PET bottles and other recycled materials for people who have low monthly wages. Along with the green materials implied to create these houses she also has used expired milk powder, linseed oil, horse manure etc. Six houses have been constructed so far in Warnes, a small town in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia and now she has built her first home in Roland in Argentina.

3. Serbian House plastic bottle house

Siberia based Tomislav Radovanovic, who is a retired maths professor from the town of Kragujevac has made use of 13,500 plastic bottles to construct this Siberian house. The 60sq. Meter house took around five years for its construction with only the foundation made of cement and the rest of the house that includes the furniture, the doors and windows are made of plastic bottles. The 13,500 bottles were collected by Radovanovic and his former students. And now this professor is proud of his construction as firstly he built an eco-friendly house and secondly his work has made to the Guinness book of world records.

4. Eco-Tec’s Ecoparque El Zamorano, Honduras

Located in Honduras, in the heart of Central America, the ecological house called Eco-Tec has been constructed, using 8,000 plastic water bottles. The ceiling of the house is made out of turf and weighs 30 tons when moisturised. It also uses composting toilets and solar panels for water heating systems. The PET bottles build up the wall without making use of any concrete and this wall also support the 102 square meters, heavy, green roof.

5. Bottle House at Seattle’s Music and Art Festival

By creating this beautiful looking dome shaped greenhouse, American artist Jasmine Zimmerman intends to motivate people to recycle plastic bottles. Called the Plastic Bottle House, this greenhouse is constructed entirely of many plastic bottles. Her creation was exhibited at the Seattle’ Music and Art Festival, Bumbershoot 2008. And since then it has been displayed in various places in New York to inspire more and more people.