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5 Unique creations made from discarded hard drivers

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From the day that it first began, the computer storage market has made an amazing progress. But along with this the rate at which we are discarding the old computers is also alarming as these parts are a potential health hazard. So to save our environment the best bet is to reuse and recycle. People have come up with amazing creations using hard disk drives, right from jewellery to landscaping. Here we have five amazing creations which we bet you never thought of.

1. Franco recchia urban landscape


Franco is an Italian artist who by his own admission takes various computer parts and breathes new life into them by reusing them to build unique landscapes and skylines of various cities. In the picture we see his landscape of Manhattan. He strives to show how every product made by human hand is an example if talent, imagination, and beauty. From looking at his amazing art you will not realize that it is made entirely of reused computer parts.

2. Vintage 1960 IBM disk platter clock

ibm clock

This indeed is a classic. The platter of the clock is pretty old. It is from a disk used in the 1960s IBM 2311 disk drives. The patina on the platter has a striking finish that comes from having aged over forty five years. In the centre of the clock you will find mounted an acrylic encased platter and in comparison to that you can see today’s laptop platter which has been turned into a pendulum. The clock’s diameter is about fourteen inches and for the numbers that you see, hard drive controllers have been attached. This is an ideal creation and best way to go green.

3. Hard drive toys

hard drive toys

That is what we call innovation. VIST a Russian IT store has come up with wide range of cool and funny toys made from old hard drive parts put together. This is a very creative and unique way to reuse something that would just go into landfill and be dangerous for the environment. It is also a funny way to use something they are working with every day and create something completely different.

4. Hard drive coffee table

coffee table

This stunning piece is an amazing Hard Drive Coffee Table. It is built from an original hard drive platter from an early storage, manufactured in the late sixties. The centre of the table and the pedestal are aluminium. Its top and bottom have been mechanised so that they are able to fit the hard drive into the base. The base has been retrieved from a closed government factory. The completed design measures nineteen and a half inches high and weighs sixty four pounds. This piece is unique and not for sale.


5. Saturn planetary earrings
This is a truly unique piece of jewellery. The drive spacers create the rings, separate inside individual discs of computer hard drive. Other materials used are aluminum alloy rings, wooden balls, silver painted glass beads, silver seed beads, silver crimping beads, steel wire, and sterling silver ear wire. It will cost you around thirty eight dollars.

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