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5 Ways to recycle computer waste

Recycle computer waste

Computer being the biggest breakthrough in the scientific world, with its invention in the 20th century, has now become an inevitable part of our lives. People of all age groups claim to have become crippled due to their dependence on computers for most of their researches and other day to day activities as well.

However, with further introduction and launch of latest versions of the system every year, most of its parts become obsolete within a span of few years of its purchase, thus forcing the old ones to be shabbily pushed in a corner of an attic to catch dust. Not forgetting that the improper disposal of these outdated items can be hazardous to the environment as the materials used for the manufacturing of the same, not being ecofriendly, can create an imbalance in the entire ecosystem, we can alternatively use these computer parts in a more sensible manner by recycling them for the benefit of the planet as well as the people living on it.

Let’s discuss five ways in which we can reuse computer wastes for a more fruitful and productive outcome.

1. Seedling starter

Seedling starter

With new and reformed versions of keyboards available in the market, the old ones, instead of dumping them somewhere as trash, can be utilized as a seedling starter for all those plant lovers. The gaps in between should be duly filled with bits of paper and then soil be poured on it so as to hold the plant in place. After the needful has been done, seeds can be introduced and sown in. Water on it should be sprinkled very carefully so as to avoid overflowing. This entire arrangement can be easily put under sunlight and left to grow into small saplings very soon emerging from the keyboard. Not only does this look beautiful, innovative and attractive, but also helps you to do your bit to protect mother earth.

2. Monitor as pet’s home

Monitor as pet home

If you are a pet lover and have a kitten as your companion, then you can definitely gift a new space to your beloved pet by converting the monitor of your old computer into a stunning and comfortable home for her. Some surface ornamentation done with sequins, stickers or even glitters can drive her crazy. However, the inside of the home can be made more comfortable and cozy by padding it with soft cloth. There cannot be a better idea to use unwanted material than this one.

3. A stunning aquarium

A stunning aquarium

Aquariums, these days, are a source to adorn everybody’s drawing room, and here’s a way to create an amazing aquarium without spending a penny. The CPU of your old computer gadget can easily be transformed into an attractive and modern looking home for the fishes. However, if you further want to decorate it, some colorful pebbles and plastic plants can do the needful. This will give a new definition to your drawing area and will also enhance and show your creativity.

4. Funky pencil box

Funky pencil box

Another creative way of using your obsolete computer parts is by making a funky pencil box from unused floppy diskettes. The PCB can be comfortably cut into different sizes for you to create your desired size of pencil case which would adorn your work desk and also collect compliments for you from friends and relatives. Another way of using your old PCB is by creating a clipboard out of it. All you have to do is buy clips for the board and do the rest at home with the leftovers.

5. Using your CPU as a mail box

Using your CPU as a mail box

The CPU of the computer can also be recycled to create a different-looking mail-box for your letters. Alternatively, it can also be redesigned into a trash bin or a bird feeder as well. With new inventions in the world of science and technology, our planet is now suffering from another major issue of e-waste. E-waste is nothing but waste accumulated from electronic gadgets and appliances. Research reveals that in the U.S.A 70% of landfills are of e-waste. With this growing problem, many have collectively come together toin order to save energy, protect plafight against this issue. There are websites available where one can offer their e-waste for free, barter or even sale. If you as an individual are not keen on recycling your electronic waste, may be someone else, like an electrician or an inventor, can do wonders with it. So, next time, be vigilant enough to re-cycle your e-waste in an effort to save energy and protect planet.