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5 ways to make green life changes without spending any money


Most people think that going green is expensive. However, the fact remains that going green is actually all about changing a few bad habits that mankind has picked up over the past century or so. Some of these changes are a basics that they are almost free and some even help you save money too.


Don’t buy bottled water

If you stop buying bottled water, you are going to save a huge bundle of money every year while reducing the amount of plastic waste you produce by a third.


Use old clothes instead of buying paper towels

An average household uses around two rolls of paper towels each week which amounts to more than $200 worth of single use paper towels in a year. A great green and no-money alternative paper towels is old cotton t-shirts and chopped up pieces of towels that can be cleaned up with a load of laundry and can be reused for months.


Wash clothes with cold water

If you are in the habit of washing clothes with hot water, you probably don’t know that it contributes to more than 85 percent of your energy use in the laundry room. If you simply wash clothes with cold water, your clothes will still be as clean and you would also make huge energy savings.


Cover food in the fridge with plates

If you want to really make a green change without wasting money, you simply need to stop using clingwrap and aluminum foil to cover up food stored in the fridge for later use. A plastic, melamine, china or glass dish or plate works just as well, can be reused for years to come and helps you save hundreds of bucks that you would have wasted on single use clingwraps and aluminum foils.


Wear a sweater

The simplest way to reduce your carbon footprint and save on energy bills is to wear a thicker sweater indoors during the winter instead of cranking up the thermostat when it gets colder.