5 most weird eco friendly resorts around the world

Eve's garden Texas

In this eco conscious era, real estate industry especially hotels and tourist resorts, is also logging to green developments. Conservation of energy, reduction of utility bills and inspiring people to go green are some of the reasons for opting these green developments. The construction of green resorts employs eco-friendly architectural construction. Though many people did not look forward to spend their vacations in some eco-structure in earlier times, this view has changed lately with the breeze of the green movement which has even reached the remote locations. Eco-tourism, which means travelling to natural locations that preserve the environment while benefitting the locals, is emerging gradually. Listed below are five of the world’s weirdest eco-resorts that will enhance eco-tourism.

1. Magic Mountain Hotel

magic mountain resort

The ‘Montana Magica Lodge’ or the Magic Mountain Hotel is located in the privately owned natural reserve called Huilo Huilo in Southern Chile. This spectacular hotel was created by architect Rodrigo Verdugo. The name of the hotel was inspired by a book related to the story of the magical mountain that had supernatural powers to grant wishes. The mountain hotel looks like a volcanic vent but expels water instead that showers down through the rocky walls and windoiws. The mountain is often covered by green moss plant making it more natural. This is the only four star hotel in Chile with all modern amenities and will surely amaze the visitors with its unique location and environmental beauty.

2. Swedish Jungle Hotel

Sweden primitive hotel

The picture above that looks like early man’s cave from the outside, is actually a resort in Sweden. It is the most primitive and of course the most eco-friendly hotel revealing the Scandinavian culture. Twelve such huts are located by the lake Skarsjon. Each hut consists of two beds. There is no electricity in these small huts but a crackling fire place will lit up your room and also keep you warm. The community that owns this Kolarbyneco-lodge also safeguards the wildlife in the jungle. If you are looking for fun and adventure, Sweden Jungle hotel is the ultimate eco—friendly place for you.

3. Eve’s Garden

Eve's garden Texas

This eco-paradise pictured above is called the Eve’s Garden. The organic Bed and Breakfast Ecology Resource Centre is located in West Texas, 2 hours’ drive North of Big Bend National Park. For the construction of this multihued resort, a highly insulating and non toxic material known as papercrete is used. Papercrete is actually a mixture of recycled paper and cement. A combination of art, architecture, and ecology is represented by the layout of the resort.

4. Sweden’s Ice Hotel

Ice hotel

Located in Jukkasjarvi, in Northern Sweden the Ice Hotel is the world’s largest hotels made of snow. Every year the hotel requires an ample amount of crystal clear or frozen ice from the Tonne river as well as a generous supply of snow for its construction. The temperature inside the room is maintained between -5 degrees Celsius and -8 degrees Celsius. The reindeer skins and thermal sleeping bags at the top of an ice bed keep the guests warm and cozy. This eco-friendly resort makes use of locally available natural resources while rendering employment to the regional people.

5. Hotel in Oil Rigs

the Oil Rig hotel

Morris architects converted an abandoned oil rig into an eco-friendly luxurious hotel. Known as The Rig Hotel, this eco resort is located in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico. The architects plan to construct around 300 rooms on the deck of the rig with all modern amenities required. A renewable source of energy, the wind turbines, are also planned to be mounted onboard to supply green power to this eco-hotel.

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