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5 weirdest animals that glow in the dark

Animals that glow in the dark

There are some creatures in the living planet that can glow at night when they come out. Some have weird posture and incredible features, which keep the light on. The scientific name for such light on creatures is called bioluminescence. Different creatures use these lights for different purposes. Some use the light to protect themselves from other creatures while some use it to attract the opposite species. Here is a brief description of such strange looking creatures that glow in dark.

5- Weirdest animals that glow in the dark

1. Black Dragonfish

Black Dragonfish


Such types of fish are slender and long one living in mesoplenic or bathypelagic water at a depth of around 2000m. In these fishes, type larval Black Dragon fish are very rare. They are transparent fishes whose eyes are at the end of long stalks. The female species is 40cm long with chin barbell, small eyes, and long fang-like teeth, which they use to get their food like other fishes. Such types of fishes have the ability to produce their own light.

Their body is covered with photophores on upper and lower surfaces and under the eyes as well. If they get disturbed, they turn up their light all over. It can also glow red and blue-green light. The light of such breed can be long like wavelengths, which is barely visible to human eye. Due to such type of light, they can prey as they find the way to unsuspecting prey in deep dark ocean.

2. Dana Octopus Squid

Dana Octopus Squid


This type of creatures is 7ft long with weight of almost 134 pound. It uses its talent of glowing in dark as a mean of attack. It is said that they use such signals as a sign for mating. These creatures are scattered worldwide but have rarely been caught so far. They can also light up the fishing nets as its dark depths. They are mostly located in tropics or sub tropics area. They can produce long glows with the help of photophores, and can shorten them whenever they want and as they move around it. They also use such light as prey by flashing it. With the help of such light, they blind the prey and then capture them immediately.

3. Glowing monkeys

Glowing monkeys

These monkeys have become more popular in recent year. There is a marmoset, which carry a gene making their hair roots, skin, and even blood glow under the ultraviolet light. It is said that these monkeys can pass on the gene to other generation as well. The light of such monkeys contribute in curing the human diseases like Parkinson’s and MS. This modified monkey can produce a green glow.

4. Firefly


Such fireflies, also known as lightning bugs, can glow to discourage predators and attract mates. They produce the green yellow glow, which is the result of some chemical reaction taking place in the abdomen of insect. As said, they use this light so that they can attract male, males and female of the same species can flash the signals as a communication source.

The light that is produced in organisms is known as bioluminescence. Its effect comes when enzyme reacts chemically with the substrate luciferine where oxygen is also present. Such reaction results in oxyluciferin and light. During the adult stages, they use bioluminescence as a warning signal to predators.

5. Cookie-cutter shark

Cookie-Cutter Shark

Cookie cutter also known as cigar shark is a small dogfish shark, which exists in warm oceanic water all over the world especially near islands. These sharks are small in shape and are known for unique jaws built for scooping out flesh and glow that they produce. They depend on the luminescence light for their living. This light made of photophores is spread all over the cookie cutters body. They are more around lower surface and belly area. Their main function is to get rid of the animal shadow whenever they can see. They also use this light to find their food in dark.