6 Awesome ideas that will shape the future

ideas that will shape the future

The increasing concerns over global warming and drastic climate change are on the rise. Companies are jumping onto the Go Green bandwagon to make a difference. To create a better tomorrow, there is a lot of emphasis is being given to innovative solutions. This would help to create a sustainable environment for the future generations to use. Here are 6 such sustainable ideas that will shape the future and impress us with both their eco-friendly design and their willingness to give back to the society.

Ideas that will shape the future- Mitticool Clay Refrigerator

Mitticool Clay Refrigerator

One of the most innovative ideas that will change the future in many ways. The Mitticool Clay Refrigerator is ideal for rural communities and areas. This refrigerator is made from clay and helps to keep the foods stored in it fresh for many days. It works on the basic principle of evaporation to operate the cooling system. You can store your milk cartons, bottles, fruits, vegetables and even cooked food. Presently this refrigerator is available in countries like UAE, Kenya and even England. It is also a perfect solution for people who have regular power cuts.

Ideas that will shape the future –Wecyclers


Image Source : Cchubnigeria.com

This Nigeria based sustainable solution won the Sustania award for the most innovative green solution in the region. The project utilizes a fleet of bicycles that roam the streets of Nigeria, particularly the low income neighborhoods. These cargo bicycles collect trash and garbage from these neighborhoods and recycle them. Families can also recycle the waste cans and bottles in their home via the program’s SMS based initiative which would reward these families with Wecycler points (exchangeable for food items, household goods and cell phone minutes).

GOONJ Clothing Recycling

GOONJ Clothing Recycling

Image Source :  Gulfnews.Com

Out of the many awesome technology ideas for the future, the textile recycling process is beneficial in many ways. Especially in the urban communities, many waste textiles are polluting the environment. GOONJ is a company that is based in India and provides various eco-friendly solutions for textile waste.  They started collecting these old clothes from over twenty states across India. The collected clothes are then recycled and transported to rural communities or disaster areas. GOONJ then enlists the help of locals in these areas to rebuild the schools, houses and roads. They use these recycled clothes as the mode of payment for these tasks.

Advantix Air conditioner

Advantix Air conditioner

Image Source :  Virgin.Com

Today an air conditioner has become one of the important appliances of a modern home. Nevertheless, it can also cause many harmful effects to the environment. The emissions released by the AC have its own effects on the environment. During the summers, it becomes even worse since the unit is on most of the time. Due to this, many toxic gasses are released into the atmosphere. The Advantix Ari condition is one of the awesome technology ideas for the future. This cooling system uses the help of salt water for cooling purposes. The result is an equally efficient cooling system that uses 40% lesser energy than standard ACs. This simple solution can be extended to the cooling systems present in vehicles as well, thus reducing their emissions significantly as well. It is indeed one of the ideas that will shape the future.

8D Technology Spotcycle

8D Technology Spotcycle

We all are aware of the benefits of cycling. Not only is this good for our health; however, it is also good for the environment. One of the most innovative ideas that will change the future is the app – Spotcycle. This is a services provided by a Canadian based company to help cyclists find good bike stations near them. The app also provides them the benefit of understanding which route they can take to save their time and energy. The app will display the best possible bike routes to a destination, and provide users with a state of the art online navigation system.

Solar Powered School Boat

Solar Powered School Boat

Image Source :  Urbanpoverty.Intellecap.Com

There are hundreds of schoolchildren in countries like Bangladesh that go through many problems due to natural calamities like floods every year. Due to this, their lives are affected in many ways including the inability to get to school. These sorts of situations deprive them from their basic rights to education. The Shidhulai Swanirvar Sangstha in the country decided to do take the problem head on. They came up with the idea of solar powered boats cum schools for these flood prone regions. The boats will collect children from several villages in these regions. Then they move on to the last destination where it will dock in order for on-board classes to begin. Countries like Philippines, Zambia, Nigeria, Cambodia, Vietnam etc have also replicated the project after seeing its success in Bangladesh.


More people and companies are working aimlessly to come up with ideas that will shape the future and protect the environment. Although there is a still a long way to go, only time can tell if the various concerns pertaining to Global Warming will decrease or increase. In the attempt to have a better life, we are responsible for most of the environmental issues. From sustainable consumer goods; to eco-friendly solutions for the house, and even eco-friendly measures. There are so many ways we can work together to make a difference and positive impact on the environment.

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